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Our super forest school day - classes 3 and 4

Class 4 - Designing their own scavenger game

Class 4 - Writing our own Supertato Stories

Our final week of the first half term in Year 1. This has seen us bring together all we have been learning about for the last two months. It has also been a week of celebrations with our photographs being taken and being able to share all the wonderful things your children have achieved over the last 8 weeks.


We have been looking back at some of the amazing things we have accomplished in such a short time. Our children have chosen their favourites so far: the superhero masks, our Supertato stories, writing our ‘wanted’ posters and of course practicing really hard Maths! We have enjoyed spending time in Forest School and learning outside and there is still so much of the year to go!


As teachers, it’s been wonderful to get to know all our individual children, to know what they like and are not so sure about and most importantly to reflect on their great progress in such a short time. Thank you to everybody who came to parent’s evenings, this is always a great time to share not only progress but also talk about the next steps in your child’s learning journey.


And so to November….. I wonder what we will be learning about next half term? We do have a few ideas already but we know the children will have so many more., so watch this space. Finally, thank you for all your support this half term and we hope you managed a little well-deserved family time next week.


Mrs Hughes and Mrs Marten