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Class 4 - Building Towers from the story of Dinas Emrys

It’s been great to be back this week after a half term break. All the children have been sharing some of the amazing things and experiences they shared last week.


This week we have been carrying on our theme of Fairy tales with a closer look at Dragons. We have found out that Dragons did not feature in many traditional tales but because of our own Draig Goch and little class dragons we bring home, we have managed to find out lots about them. We have used the story of Dinas Emrys to find out more about why our dragon is red and how brave he was many years ago. The children have had lots of fun building tall towers to see if they can make them strong and dragon proof!


We have also been looking at telling the time. It’s amazing now how many of us use the clock on our phone or iPad and we’ve had a great discussion about the use of digital and analogue clocks.


And as we look towards next week, the theme of Dragons continues along with a very important day for Wales. Class 4 will be working with Year 5 to lead our Dydd Dewi Sant assemblies on Thursday and Friday. We can’t wait to share the photos with you all!


Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Marten