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This week the children have been very excited to have their teddies in school with them. 

The children have been using lots of lovely describing words to write about them and we also had a Teddy Disco in P.E too!

In Numeracy this week the children have been exploring 1p 2p 5p and 10p. The children have been able to identify these coins and even use them to pay for toys in the Toy Shop too.

The children have been using lots of souNds this week to read words. They have also focused on forming the letter b.

We are really enjoying our Toy Shop

This week the children have been learning how to say who they are in French. Je m’appelle _____. They have been writing this and drawing some lovely pictures of themselves too! Tres bien.

Next week wb 22.1.24 


The children will be imagining what their teddies might get up to at night time while they are asleep. We will be celebrating St Dwynwen’s Day. We will be adding coins together to pay for toys and playing some money games too.


In school we have been talking about liquids and solids as there has been lots of ice around this week. Next week the children want to make some jelly and watch it turn from a solid to a liquid and back into a solid. We had a class vote to see which flavour jelly we should get. Yummy!

Have a lovely weekend and keep warm.

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Fewtrell