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In Numeracy this week we have been focusing on the numbers 0-100. We have played so many games and sang lots of songs to help us recognise these numbers. Then we had to complete a 100 square by filling in the missing numbers. We also had to listen to a number between 0-100 and write it down correctly in our books. We were very good at this!

In Literacy we have been using 'The Five Senses'  smell, taste, touch , see and hear to write a sentence about the seaside. The children were very good at using their imaginations. 

We have also been looking at floating and sinking. We decided what we wanted to use as a boat and then we had to carefully add marbles to our boat to see how many it would take before it sank. 

We listened to the story 'Undersea Cleaning Spree' and talked about how pollution and waste can affect the oceans. We talked about how the sea creatures might get hurt by the things humans do to their home. We an some posters to help protect the oceans too. 

We used water colours to create a seaside landscape.