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Week beginning 27.6.22


We are looking forward to a very exciting week.We are looking at an artist called William Turner and doing water colour paintings of a castle, ordering castles in a time line and doing some Welsh work on our phrase of the week "mae'n ddrwg gen i." (I am sorry). In literacy we are using the I Pads to make a Lego animation film and designing and making a castle board game. 


Then.....on Thursday we are off on our trip to Conway castle (let's hope the weather is dry).


Then...on Friday we will be spending the morning with our Year 3 teacher.




Week beginning 20th June 2022


This week we are continuing with our castle stories and writing them out in a clear story structure showing beginning, middle and end. We are also composing our own verses to the Hairy Castle song - performing our own songs to our class, using percussion instruments too! We have enjoyed finding the draig (dragon in the castle) and have been writing simple prepositional sentences using Welsh words!

We have continued to work on money with a focus on adding up two values to find an amount and also giving change from multiples of 10 too. We have enjoyed our tricky mathletic challenges too. We have started to reminisce about our time in year two and have been creating a castle of memories - pictures to be uploaded shortly! We have also revisited castles in Wales and have explored atlas' and Google Maps to help us plot them on a map of Wales. We are continuing our work on being healthy and this week we have been exploring what smoking can do to our bodies. 

Week Beginning 13th June

This week we are planning a story about a castle, making class information books about castles and designing a front cover for those books. In maths we are finding the difference between numbers and giving change from 50p or £1.In our topic sessions we will be researching Welsh castles, writing our own words to a song we have been learning in class and, also, looking at the artist Paul Klee and creating a picture of a Welsh castle, in the style of his work. In handwriting practice we will be writing the names of family members and we are listening to the song "Memories" as we think about our memories from Year 2. Our Welsh phrase of the week is "dwylo i fyny" (hands up).

Week beginning 6th June


Welcome back! We hope you have had a great week off school and celebrated the Queen's jubilee! This week we are starting our new topic of castles and we are starting to create our own family coat of arms thinking about symbols, animals and colours which are important to us. We are talking (and writing) about what we know about castles and creating a list of questions which we are hoping to answer this term. We have been working on making bridges using 10 straws which has to hold a knight and horse - these have been wonderful. 
We have been talking about whether or not we would like to live in a castle, giving reasons for our ideas. 

In maths we have been continuing our work on symmetry and have also been adding using column addition. We have also been exploring the artist Paul Klee and have been counting the shapes he has used in his art work - using tally to record our findings. 

Week Beginning 23.5.22

This week is a very special week as we will be celebrating The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.We are doing paintings/drawings of The Queen, done in the style of Pablo Picasso, making crowns for our street party on Friday, making a list of foods we would buy if we were organising a party, making a congratulations card for Her Majesty and making bunting. We will also be baking (and eating) jam tarts. Monday is a very exciting day as we are having the Foundation Phase Sports Day and on Wednesday we will be having birds of prey at school and taking part in a dance workshop. It's going to be a very busy week but a very special one and a week we hope the children will remember for a very long time.

Week beginning 16th May 2022

This week we are busy completing our online reading and maths challenges which we have really enjoyed. We are continuing to explore symmetry and we are moving our learning on by exploring and drawing lines of symmetry. We are also creating super spiders with concertina legs - we have also recapped our Welsh writing by writing the numbers 1-8 in Welsh. We have enjoyed re-reading the story of the Cautious Caterpillar and have started to talk about how we will change in September - transforming from a Foundation Phase pupil to a junior pupil! We have thought about how Cody felt throughout the story, what her thoughts would have been and also what words she said - recapping out work on speech marks. 

We have been starting to talk about the Platinum Jubilee and have been designing new jewellery for the Queen. We have also started to talk about our super science experiment we are planning for next week - making our own precious crystals. We are learning about the important role the Queen plays as head of the Church of England. 

In music we have been using pictures and actions to create our own musical score and we have been performing them too! We have also been changing the song lyrics of the song 'There's a Tiny Caterpillar on a leaf'. 


Week beginning 9.5.22

This week we are reading a story about Cody The Caterpillar and will be discussing and writing about how Cody changes over the course of the story. We will also be doing some comprehension work on the story. In our Welsh sessions we will learn the Welsh names for some minibeasts and be talking about the ones we like/don't like. In maths we are doing some problem solving activities involving addition and we will be counting money. In our R.E. sessions we will continue to learn facts about Islam and we will be designing prayer mats.In science we will be using an App to make symmetrical patterns from natural resources we find outside and in p.e. we are practising the races we will be doing in sports day. Our handwriting this week is months of the year and our Welsh phrase is "Pawb i wrando" (Everyone listen).  

Week beginning 02/05/22


This week we are continuing to explore minibeasts and we are creating some acrostic poems, describing our favourite minibeasts. We are also continuing our work on money and we are focusing on giving change – we are also enjoying setting up our own minibeast café and we are really excited to be creating our own messy dishes during forest schools on Friday!
In music we have been learning the song ‘I jump out of bed in the morning’ and we have been composers – creating our own versions of the song and performing them to our peers. We have also been exploring using materials to create spider prints!
As part of our learning in R.E we have been exploring the celebration of Eid and have been baking some traditional Indian dishes.

Week Beginning 26.4.2022

Welcome back to school. We hope you had a really good Easter break, did lots of exciting things and ate lots of tasty Easter eggs. We will hear all about it when you write your Easter news. Our topic this half term is about MInibeasts, this week children will be doing a minibeast comprehension and designing their own made up minibeast. In maths we will be making amounts in different ways and thinking about 10 more and 10 less. In humanities we are talking about The Creation and in p.e we are throwing bean bags and looking at the effects of exercise on our bodies. In our Collective Worship sessions we are learning about St. George and in Welsh we are learning a song about a spider. Our Welsh phrase of the week is "Pawb i sefyll." (Everyone stand up). It is going to be a busy week and a busy half term. We hope the weather will be good. 

Week beginning 4th April 2022

This week we are learning all about the Easter story and thinking about the emotions felt by Jesus, Judas and Peter. We are also using this story to think about how we can be great friends. 
We have been creating group books, retelling the Christian story of Easter, creating an Easter themed nouns and adjectives game and have been sequencing instructions to help us make some delicious Easter cakes. 

In Maths we have continued our work on shape and have been identifying the properties of 2D and 3D shapes whilst also developing our work on the pattern of 2D shapes. We have also been exploring nets of 3D shapes when making Easter baskets. 

We are really looking forward to our Easter egg hunt later this week!!

Week Beginning 28.3.22

This week we are playing a game involving nouns and adjectives and we will be choosing an object from around class and describing it. In maths we are looking at the properties of 3D shapes and using play dough and cocktail sticks to make 3D shapes. In R.E. we will be learning about Ramadan and we will be completing a Ramadan word search as well as making a moon and star mobile. In Welsh we are writing about foods we like/don't like and in French we will be talking about and writing about the colour of our socks. Our Welsh word of the week is "amser cinio" (lunch time) and our handwriting letter of the week is w W. We will also be learning about Makaton, hieroglyphics, sorting recyclable materials and listening to a Welsh story called "Ble Mae Hosan." 

Class 6 DOJO Champion Of The Week

Ethan works really hard at school. He asks and answers lots of questions. He is doing really well with his work and is a good friend to others. Da iawn Ethan. We are proud of you. keep up this super work.

Week beginning 21st March 2022


This week we are exploring adjectives and nouns and creating similes of our own. We have been creating our own acrostic poems and making some special cards too! 

We are continuing to explore materials this week and have explored man-made and natural materials in our outside learning environment. We are looking forward to our forest schools session on Friday - we will be making shapes using natural materials. 

We have been continuing our work on puppets, completing our plans and developing our fine motor skills by stitching puppets. We have also worked on editing our designs to make improvements. 

In maths we have been looking at column subtraction and have been adding 2, two digit numbers! We have also explored 2D and 3D shapes in our outside and inside learning classrooms. 

Week beginning 14th March 2022.

This week we are looking at the features of a play script and will be writing a group play as well as writing rules for our upcoming trip. (Friday). We are going to be doing more work on doubling and halving numbers as well as doing more column addition of tens and units. In our Knowledge and Understanding of the World sessions we are going to plan and carry out a science investigation to find which material is best for making the sole of a shoe and we will be designing a puppet that we are going to sew next week. We are also going to be writing group verses to the song "The Wheels On The Bus."Our handwriting letter of the week is o and our Welsh word is paid (don't)  It's going to be a busy week but we are all excited about our school trip. (The first one for these classes for a couple of years).

Week beginning 7th March 2022

This week we have been focusing on doubling and halving two digit numbers as part of our numeracy work. We have been exploring this practically and in our workbooks too! We have also been exploring odd and even numbers and have been singing our odd and even song! 

We have listened to the Welsh story King March and have been making puppets, writing our own acrostic poems and have been writing a group rhyming poem too. We have talked about the fact that it doesn't matter what someone looks like it is what they do and say which makes them a good person. 

We have been exploring Wales on a map and have been identifying places we have visited. We have also thought about symbols and foods in Wales and have created a class bunting for our wall. 
In science we have focused on predicting and have thought about what we think would happen to ice cubes in different locations in our school, thinking about reasons for our ideas! 


Class 5 - DoJo Champion of the week!

This week Lewis is our DoJo champion! Lewis is simply amazing and tries so hard in all he does and I am so lucky to be able to teach him. 
Lewis is always so kind and caring and he gives his all in all he does. Thank you for being so amazing my champion boy!

Week Beginning 1st March 2022

Welcome back. We hope you had a nice, relaxing break. We are back at school on a very exciting day, it is both St.David's Day and Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day). This week we will be making pancakes and writing instructions to a friend about how to make them. We will be looking at the story of St. David and creating a cartoon strip of the story. We will also be writing holiday news about what we did last week. In maths we are learning about half and quarter and in p.e. we are using bats and bean bags to balance and flip (like pancakes). We will be learning about the Welsh flag in humanities and designing our own flag, showing our interests and things that are important to us. Our Welsh word of the week is "Dim Ots" (Never mind and our handwriting letter is q. 

Class 6 DOJO Champion


Congratulations Thomas. You have worked so hard this week. Well done and thank you for all the interesting books you have brought in to school to show the class. We know that Thomas is really, really interested in science. One day we think he will be a famous scientist.

Week Beginning 14.2.22

This week, in Literacy,  we are writing the stories we planned last week and using adjectives to describe electrical items. In our Numeracy sessions we are revising 2D shapes and talking about the numbers of sides and vertices they have as well as adding 9 and 11 to numbers. We will be using Piccollage to draw a picture in the style of Andy Warhol and using the app to copy that picture. In our topic sessions we are using components to make a picture of an electrical circuit and writing instructions on how to make a complete circuit. In P.E. we will be doing our final group dance to the music of Vivaldi and learning more about invasion games. Our collective worship theme is "Reap What You Sow." We will be doing Welsh guided reading, and our letter of the week is g (G). It is our last week of the half term and is going to be another busy one. smiley

Class 6 DOJO Champion


Congratulations to Lucas. He has had a lot of DOJOs this week. He is making fantastic progress with his reading. We are really proud of you Lucas. Keep it up. wink

Dojo champion - 11th February 2022


Our Dojo champion of the week this week is Charlie with a massive 20 dojos! Charlie is such a incredible little boy who is so kind to everyone. He has worked so hard in all he does and is making wonderful progress in all areas of learning! You are simply amazing Charlie and I hope you are super proud of yourself!

Week beginning 7th February 2022

This week we have continued to explore our topic of electricity and changes. We have created and changed circuits and explored conductors and insulators. We are beginning to identify what makes circuits work and what won't. 

This week it is Internet Safety week and we have been working in groups to discuss what information we should and should not share with others. We have also discussed who in our lives we should trust. 

We have explored the artist Andy Warhol and are creating a collage of lightbulbs, using his style for inspiration. We have compared and contrasted our work with each other. 

In mathematics and numeracy we have explored money and we have found different ways of make amounts up to £1. We have also been exploring giving change from up to 50p. 

In Language, Literacy and Communication we have been working with a partner to create our own electricity stories - next week we will be writing these. 

We have been talking about the Queen's 70 years on the throne and have also explored many inventions which have happened in the last 70 years. In French we have been learning family names and in Welsh we have been designing an outfit for a friend. 

Class 6 DOJO Champion

Congratulations Jude. You have been a super star this week. I a m really pleased. Keep it up. Good boy. You have played nicely with your friends and tried very hard with your work. smileysmiley

Dojo Champion of the week - 4th February 2022


This week Emilia is our Dojo Champion for the SECOND time! Emilia is always helpful and nice. Emilia is always there if someone falls over and plays with everyone in her class. Emilia has been helpful by helping children with their work and is always an encourager. Emilia is always first to share and helps out when things go missing. 

Emilia is a credit to her family and is a delight to teach, I am so proud of her. 

Week beginning 31.1.22


Kung Hei Fat Choy


This week in literacy we will be looking at sentences about electricity and correcting the mistakes as well as completing a comprehension on Thomas Edison. In numeracy we are learning how to subtract 9 and 11 and will be using Mathletics. In Topic we are learning about Chinese New Year, looking at some Chinese writing and copying it and, also, making red envelopes and putting money in them. In p.e. we are performing group dances and playing some invasion games. In Welsh we are playing a weather game, in French we are writing our birthday month and our handwriting letter of the week is e/E. In our challenge areas we are ordering French months, looking at islands around the world, ordering some words beginning with d alphabetically and completing a Welsh colour by numbers sheet on Santes Dwynwen. 



Class 5 and 6 DoJo Champions


This week Wyn and Megan are our Dojo champions. They have both worked so hard in school and always have bright smiles and helpful hands! Wyn and Megan always try so hard in school and always challenge themselves. Mr Williams and Mrs Marten are so blessed to teach you!

Week beginning 24th January 2022



This week we are focusing a lot of our learning on Santes Dwynwen and have been using simple Welsh sentences to describe her. We have explored Llanddwyn Island and have developed our use of co-ordinates when exploring the area. We have looked at the importance of symbols inside and outside of a Church and we have built some super models of Santes Dwynwen’s Church!

We have continued our work on electricity and have asked questions to Thomas Edison, researching answers too.

In numeracy we have been adding 9 and 11 by adding ten and then either subtracting or adding 1. We are all super quick at this now. We have also been exploring mathletics and hope to roll this out at home for some homework activities too soon!

We have compared and contrasted our Kyffin William’s inspired art to his actual work.

In French we are exploring the months of the year and in Welsh we have been recapping colours, clothes and the weather too.

DoJo champion - 21st January 2022


This week James is our super dojo champion! Da iawn James! James works so hard in all he does and never rushes his work. He is always keen to move his learning forward and completes our challenge tasks without being asked. I am so blessed to be your teacher James and am super proud of you!