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Week Beginning 17.1.22.

This week we are practising our comprehension skills, reading a text and answering in full questions and we are listening to the story "Jesus calms the storm" and acting it out. In maths we are adding two single digit numbers to a two digit number and using Mathletics in class. We will be learning about Thomas Edison and finding out how to make an electric circuit as well as making an electrical safety poster and thinking of items that are powered by mains electricity, battery or both.  Our new Readiwriter words are ready to practise at home. Our letter of the week is c and our Welsh phrase is "dim rwan" (not now). 

Class 5 DoJo Champion - 14th January 2022


This week out Dojo champion is Sebastian! Sebastian worked so hard on his home learning challenges before Christmas and gained so many dojos. Sebastian has also worked super hard this week, especially with his writing. As always he has had a bright smile all week and has been the most fabulous friend. Bendigedig Sebastian. 

Class 6 DOJO Champion

Well done Jack. You have worked so hard this week and we are all really proud of you. Keep it up. laughlaugh


Monday 10th January 2022


Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and ready for another super term. 

This week we are going to be talking and writing about our Christmas holiday and recapping the importance of careful handwriting, spellings and punctuation. We will write a thank you letter to someone for a gift they kindly have us. We will also be recapping our work on alphabetical order and ordering all of our class Christmas gifts from A - Z! 

We will also be thinking about the things we can do to make our World a good and happy place for us all to live in and talk about how New Year Resolutions will have an impact on each other. 

In art we will be exploring the artist Kyffin Williams. We will be finding out facts about him and exploring a variety of his artistic pieces. We will also be listening and responding (using dance) to the song Four Seasons by Vivaldi. 

In Maths we will be exploring place value and doubling/halving using numicon to explore this. We will also be using Mathletics for the first time to explore this. Please do not use Mathletics at home for the time being. 

In Collective Worship we will be exploring the qualities of a good friend and exploring how Jesus chose his friends. We will also be exploring trust and looking at pictures of people and deciding whether or not we can trust people based on what they look like. 


Christmas star of the week - 17th December 2021

This week our Christmas star of the week is Sophie. Sophie has the brightest smile ever and is so kind and helpful to those around her. She always pushes herself in all she does and always gives 110%. I am delighted Sophie is our champion this week, I know how much she has wanted this and she deserves it so much.

Our Class 6 DOJO champion this week is Seren again. WOW! Fantastic. You have worked very hard again. DA IAWN. laugh


BUT ..... a HUUUUGGGGEEEE well done to all the children in the class for all their hard work and wonderful behaviour over this term. You all deserve a lot of praise and I am sure Santa will come and visit because you have all been EXCELLENT. Well done. Have a terrific Christmas and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Week Beginning 13.12.21

This week we will be busy writing stories about "A Snowy Day" and writing a thank you letter in Welsh to Santa and in our hand writing we are practising writing r and R. We will be listening to the Nativity story, making our Christmas cards, adding tens and units, ordering numbers from the smallest to the largest, making a Father Christmas with concertina legs, retelling the story of the Nativity and finding out the different names for Santa around the world. We will be recording our carols for parents to see and .............   


IT'S PARTY DAY on Wednesday.



Class 6 DOJO Champion

This week our champion is Seren. She is a super worker. She has done really well with her tasks this week. She has a big smile on her face at school and she is a really good friend. Well done Seren. We are proud of yousmiley​​​​​​​

Class 5 Dojo champion 10th December 2021

This week our dojo champion is Casey! What a wonderful girl she is! Casey always has a bright smile on her face and works so hard in all she does. We love having Casey in our class as she is such a kind and caring friend, she always makes us smile! Well done Casey and thank you for being simply amazing! 

Week beginning 6th December 2021


This week we are really starting to get into the festive spirit. We have continued to think about Advent promises and we have been thinking about how we can help our families during advent. We have also been exploring the nativity story and have been creating our story books, retelling the story. We have been exploring the charity ‘Save the Children’ and what they do to support people. We have designed our own Christmas jumpers for our annual Christmas jumper day. We have also planned a story with the title ‘The Snowy Day’, thinking about the story structure - beginning, middle and end. We have also been working on the Welsh pattern ‘Ble mae seren?’ and have been hiding stars in pictures, We have been continuing our work on data, thinking about our entrepreneur week. We have also exploring using calculators to help us check our addition and subtractions. 

Class 6 DOJO Champion

Aila works so hard at school, is a really kind girl and is making excellent progress and her confidence is increasing all the time. She was so pleased to have won the trophy this week. We are all proud of you. Well done Aila. BENDIGEDIG. laugh

DoJo champion Class 5 - 3rd December 2021


What a super boy we have this week. Stanley has been working so hard the past couple of weeks and certainly deserved the dojo crown! He works so hard in all he does and always has such a great big smile on his face. Stanley is such a wonderful friend, always showing kindness and consideration to all around him. I am so unbelievably proud of you Stanley!

Week beginning 29.11.21


This week we are doing some follow up work from the coasters we have made. We will be writing a thank you note to put on the website to thank everyone who bought one and we will be drawing a labelled diagram and writing an evaluation of the coasters. In our maths sessions we are looking at the number of sales each class has made and the cost and profits of the coasters we made. We are approaching the start of Advent and we will be looking at the meaning of Advent and reading an Advent poem and correcting the spelling and grammar mistakes. We will be continuing to practise the English and Welsh carols we are learning for Christmas, working on our Christmas corridor display and talking, in French, about how we feel. Our Welsh phrase of the week is "Tyrd yma" (Come here) and our handwriting letter is "n". This week's Readiwriter words have been changed. Please practise these at home. A DOJO point is given to everyone who scores 1000 points or more but a DOJO point is taken away for those who don't achieve 1000 points. Readiwriter is now working properly and sheets will no longer be sent home. Please can all children have jumpers and coats at school as the weather is much colder. May we also ask please that ALL items of clothing, including coats, have your child's name on them. When items go missing it is extremely difficult to find them if they don't have your child's name in them.

Many thanks. 

Do Jo Champion of the week - 26th November


Tomos is our champion this week and he has worked super hard for this trophy! Tomos is so well mannered and I really enjoy the chats that we share. He has worked so hard in all areas of learning and making really good progress. Tomos is such a helpful member of our class and is always offering his helpful hands. I am so proud of all you are achieving! 

Class 6 DOJO Champion

Our DOJO champion this week always has a huge smile on his face. He is working really hard at school and Mrs. Thwaite said this week he has been FANTASTIC. Well done. We are so proud of you. Keep up this excellent work.yessmiley 

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

This week we are really beginning to work hard with our entrepreneur activities and have been busy writing instructions explain how to make our product and included labelled diagrams too! We have worked hard as a team to create our products and have really enjoyed our challenge this week, developing a wide range of skills. 

We have continued our work on measure this week and we have been drawing and measuring lines. We have continued to discuss Cop 26 and talked about what we can do to help make our World a sustainable place to live. We have explored what an atmosphere is during practical investigation work and talked about what would possibly happen to our world with a damaged atmosphere. We have been looking at globes this year and have been comparing and contrasting the distance of a variety of countries from the U.K.

Class 6 DOJO Champion

Eliza has worked so hard this week. She always tries her best. She is a good friend to others. Well done Eliza.  Keep up this fantastic work. laughlaugh

Star of the week - 19th November 2021

This week James is our dojo champion. James is such a super worker and has made amazing progress, especially with his handwriting! We compared his handwriting in September to what it is like now and WOW., what a difference! James is a wonderful friend to have and has the most amazing smile and infectious laugh! Thank you for being such a key player in our class James!

This week we have 2 special days. Today (Monday) we are thinking about anti bullying and on Friday we will be joining in with Children In Need Day. Some of our work revolves around these special days. In Literacy we are drawing a picture of what we think a bully looks like and writing words to describe him/her. In maths we are "cracking the code," solving the number problems to work out the colours to colour Pudsey's items. We are continuing to think about COP26 and climate change and we will be doing an experiment to show how the ice melts and affects people who live in low land places and we will be writing a letter to Boris Johnson telling him our thoughts on global warming. In R.E we are learning about Jonah and The Whale and in maths we are doing some measure work, researching facts about blue whales and going outside to measure the actual sizes of a baby blue whale, an adult blue whale and a blue whale's heart. Our letter of the week is k. In Welsh we are learning descriptive words such a sbach, mawr, trwm, tenau. 


Tuesday afternoon will be very exciting as we have a visitor from Village Vets coming to talk to us about how to look after our pets.

Class 6 DOJO Champion of the Week

Charlie is doing so well at school. He is making great progress and gets on so well with the other children in class. He has been showing us his football skills this week. WOW! 

Da iawn Charlie. 

Star of the week - Class 5 - 12th November 2021


This week our super star of the week is Sophie! Sophie is such a delight to teach and has a wonderful sense of humour. She is committed to doing her very best at all times and is a wonderful little artist. Sophie is such a popular member of our class and she is so kind and friendly to everyone around her. 

Thank you for being so amazing Sophie, I am so very lucky to have you in my class!

Week beginning 8th November 2021


This week we are commemorating Remembrance day and thinking about the sacrifice our soldiers made for us. We have been working on odd and even numbers and dividing poppies into odd/even numbers. We have also been exploring dividing even numbers by 2 and have started to use the ÷ symbol. We have explored doubling and halving this week too. 

We have been creating poppy wreaths, using handprints and making poppies – recapping our work on counting in 2’s and 5’s. 

In literacy we have been exploring poetry and have been creating acrostic poems using remembrance words. We have also been talking and writing about our own memories of events in our own lives. We have been sketching pictures of poppies and have been using adjectives to describe them too. We have been thinking about flowers, dissecting them and labelling parts of plants. 

We have also designed our own medals for a soldier and have been exploring making them using playdoh. 

We have enjoyed exploring all of the things we have brought in for our Teams4u shoebox appeal and have talked about the contents of boxes and what we would like to see inside them if we were receiving them.


Class 6 DOJO Champion


Cameron is a very kind boy. He loves to help other children in class and plays with others when they feeling a little bit sad or lonely. He often offers to do jobs around the class to help other children and the grown ups in class. Well done Cameron and thank you.smiley

Class 5 - Star of the week 5th November

Today William is our class star of the week and has been absolutely incredible all week. William is a wonderful listener and he always strives to do his very best. He is such a wonderful friend to all around him and always first to offer a helping hand. 

William has made amazing progress in all areas of learning and is always challenging himself. I am so proud of you William, keep up the hard work!

Week Beginning 2.11.21


Welcome back to school. We hope you had a relaxing, healthy and happy half term break. This week we will be learning about bonfire night, finding out about Guy Fawkes and writing a wanted poster for him. We will be using chalk to create bonfire pictures, listening to a piece of classical music by Tchaikovsky, writing a Welsh poem about colours and building models of the Big Ben clock tower. In p.e. we are dancing to "Firework" by Katie Perry and we will be using our maths skills to crack the bonfire codes. Our handwriting this week will focus on the letter b. We will also discuss how to keep safe around a bonfire and fireworks and we will be having a class debate "Should children have a choice whether to go to school or not?" It's going to be a busy week again. smiley

Week Beginning 18.10.21

Class 5 and 6 DOJO Champions.         CONGRATULATIONS

This week we are imagining we are on holiday and writing a postcard to a friend in class, doing some Welsh guided reading and using our Readiwriter words to write sentences. In maths we are ordering random numbers within 100 and continuing to practise sums with missing numbers. In our Welsh session we will be making a weather chart, in French we are drawing and labelling a picture of our family members. Class 6 have filmed their class assembly and the other classes in school will be watching it. (It's all about silence and Mr. Williams is really proud of how well the children did.) Our Welsh word of the week is Bendigedig, our big book is "Duck Diary" and in our handwriting sessions we will be recapping the letters we have practised this half term, i,j,t,l,u,y. It's going to be a really busy week. The teachers are looking forward to talking to parents (via the internet) on the 2 parents' evenings.  

Please see below some important information about life in year 2!

Class 5 and Class 6 

Dojo Champions.   

Well done Phoebe and George.  BENDIGEDIG.

Week beginning 11th October 2021


This week we are continuing our work on handling money. Independently we are finding coins to match amounts and we are also working with our teachers to explore giving change. We are composing our own musical pieces using percussion instruments and thinking about pace and duration. We are performing these compositions to an audience. We are also talking about instrument families and sorting instruments into the correct sets. 

In Welsh we are asking our friends about their favourite colours and creating block charts showing our results. We are also creating our own wonderful animal 'lift the flap' books and writing thank you letters to Alice following our Cat Protection workshop last Friday. 

 We are exploring how baby animals grow and have been researching which animals are born from eggs and which animals are born from their Mother's tummies. 

We have continued our work on what makes a good friend and have been thinking of adjectives to describe our friends. We have created a class charter with promises we have made to one another to ensure that our class and school is such a happy place to be. 

Class 6 Dojo Champion is.............

Yoshi has worked so hard this week. His writing was so good he took it to show Mrs. Dyas and she gave him a very special Headteacher's Award Sticker. Well done Yoshi, keep up this AMAZING work.

Class 5 dojo champion of the week

This week Emilia is our super star DoJo champion! Emilia really is a credit to her family! She works hard in everything she does and it such a lovely friend to everyone around her. I am so pleased with Emilia as she has wonderful progress with her literacy work! I am such a proud teacher Emilia - I hope you are so proud of yourself! 

Year 2 Week Beginning 4th October 2021

Class 6 Dojo Champion 1st October 2021

Class 5 Do Jo champion - 1st October 2021

This week our super star in Megan! Megan is simply amazing. She is such a happy little girl who is so kind and friendly to everyone around her. She is always first to offer a helping hand. Megan has worked super hard with her handwriting and her storywriting this week and is doing so very well. I am so proud to have Megan in my class. 

Our learning this week-27th September 2021!


This week we are learning all about measuring using cm and m. We have estimated the lengths of objects and measured actual lengths, thinking about differences between actual and estimates. We have used the IPads to show our learning which has been great fun. 

We have also been looking at our story planners from last week and have been writing our stories - we have used adjectives and connectives to make our stories flow and really interesting. In Welsh we have described animals thinking about colour and size. 

We have also been completing acrostic poems about the Jewish festival Sukkot and have been making and playing with dreidels too. We have also been exploring the Christian creation story and created some lovely art work on this. We have written some lovely prayers thanking God for our animals. 

In Science we have been exploring which materials will work best in our pet beds and ee have created our group pet carriers too.

Our book of prayers

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Class 6 Dojo Champion

Class 5 star of the week

This week Joshua is our star of the week! Joshua is one of the most enthusiastic little boys in the World. He is always so focused on his learning and loves new opportunities. He is such a caring and considerate member of our class and never stops smiling! Da iawn Joshua - I know how hard you have worked for the trophy this week!

Week beginning 20th September 2021


What a wonderful start to the week! This week we are reading the story 'Mog and the V-E-T' and have been acting out the story in the ampitheatre using props too! We have also been rewriting the story using a story mountain and have been talking about the structure of a story - beginning - middle and end. 

In Science and Technology we have been exploring pet carriers and have planned our own group pet carrier - we cannot wait to make these next week. We have also been exploring materials when creating a pet bed - investigating what materials make the best bed for animals - thinking about what all animals 'do'. 

We have been learning to count in 2's. 5's and 10's and have been using number squares to identify patterns. We have also practically made sets of items, in the indoor and outdoor and used numicon to count in sets too. 

We have been exploring the story of creation and recalled what Christians believe God made during the 7 days. We have also discussed various scenarios and sorted them into groups - right/wrong/unsure. 


We listened to the story of Mog and the V.E.T. and we went outside in groups to act it out. We have also been designing our own book marks. In Numeracy we have been counting in 2s,5s and 10s and colouring number patterns. In science we have been planning an investigation using the Discovery Dog planning sheet and designing a pet carrier. In our R.E. sessions we have been learning about the festival of Sukkot. Our challenges this week are to use the I Pad to draw an animal, to use the given words to make sentences, to use the animals to count their legs and write addition sums and read the names of the animals and circle the number of syllables in each word. The photos below show what a busy and fun week we have had.

Class 6 DOJO Award winner is.............

Class 6.


This week we have been adding and taking away tens, correcting sentences by putting full stops and capital letters and writing about our favourite animals. In Welsh we have made a list of the Welsh words we already know and we came up with over 60. BENDIGEDIG. In p.e. we played Stuck In The Mud. Okey Cokey and Creep Up On The Teacher. In R.E. we read the story of The Ten Commandments and thought about school rules.  We have been making animals using playdough and have been playing in the vet role play area again. Our letter of the week was J. We have been learning the names of some animals in Welsh and we made a book called "Beth Wyt Ti?" (What are you?)

Class 5 do jo champion of the week

Just look at that smile! If you could see Mrs Marten's right now it is even bigger! Bethany is our dojo champion of the week. She is such a little super star, always having beautiful manners and kind and caring hands. Bethany has worked super hard this week with her great sentence writing and has made HUGE progress with her brilliant reader! Well done Bethany - I am so lucky to have you in my class.

Week beginning 13th September 2021


This week we are focusing on pets! We have been learning about how to care for pets and the things they need to survive. We have been reading lots of facts about cats and have been answering some tricky questions about the text we have read. We have also been focusing on how to compose sentences remembering full stops and capital letters and have corrected some incorrect sentences. We have been talking about our favourite pets and have been describing and writing about them. 

We have enjoyed playing 'guess the pet' during our topic work and have given our friends clues (orally and written) about a pet using super adjectives. 

In numeracy we have been adding 1's and 10's to two digit numbers, using a number square to help us. 

We have enjoyed making our own playdough animals using out very own piece of playdough and have used adjectives to describe them. 

In R.E we have explored the story of God giving Moses the 10 Commandments and have talked about the rules we have around us. 

In P.E we are playing a range of circle and group games - developing our running and dodging. We are also playing 'creep up on the teacher'! :-)


In year two we have had a very, very busy week. We have been reading new reading books (lots of children will be bringing more challenging books home from next week), we have been talking about our feelings in English and Welsh and we have learned new songs. In our number work we have been adding Numicon shapes and we have been sorting animals into different categories as well as doing p.e. using the new I Pads, making paper plate faces and talking and writing about our hopes for Year 2. The teachers and TAs are certainly ready for a rest and we are sure the children are too. Over the weekend remember to log on to Readiwriter (everyone who scores 1000 points or more will get a Dojo on Monday) and look at Google classroom to find this week's homework. Have a great weekend. smileysmileysmiley

Well done to our Dojo cup winner this week too. CONGRATULATIONS laugh

Class 5's Dojo champion of the week - 10th September

This week our DoJo champion is Super Sebastian! Sebastian is an absolute delight to have in our class and really has made an amazing start to life in year two! He has the most amazing manners and always completes his learning challenges with a sparkling smile. Da iawn Sebastian! 

Week beginning - 6th September 2021

Welcome to our new Class Page. We hope you really like it. We have had a fabulous first full week back in school and the children have really impressed Mrs Marten and Mr Williams. Mrs Tariq is class 5's teaching assistant and Mrs O'Farrell is Class 6's! 

This week we have becoming more familiar with ordering and comparing 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers and have been using numicon in different ways to make numbers. We have also been talking and writing about our holiday news, using punctuation carefully and trying to use adjectives to make our writing more interesting! Please see the link to a punctuation game we have been playing in class.

We have been talking about ourselves - our families, hobbies, likes and dislikes. We have been recapping our Welsh knowledge of feelings and we have been learning some new Welsh words too. We have been using oil pastels to sketch self portraits - which look absolutely amazing!

This term out topic is 'all creatures great and small' - we are starting to focus on animals belonging in each of the sets - 

- extinct

- farm

- nocturnal


Children have sorted pictures into sets and have drawn pictures and wrote simple facts about an animal belonging in each group. 

In music we have been exploring long and short sounds and are beginning to explore the number of syllables in animal words - using clapping to show the syllables. We have also been learning a couple of Collective Worship songs - see below for the links. 

"This Little Light Of Mine"

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Peace Like A River

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