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w/b- 29/04/2024 What a Grown-Up week we’ve had.

Literacy- We are now reading and looking at all books about babies and families. Our class book is ‘What shall we do with the Boo Hoo Baby? We have seen and talked about babies and how they grow into a toddler, then a child, a teenager, and adult and lastly an older adult. We have had so many brilliant chats about all the toddlers, teenagers and grandparents they know and love.

We have all drawn pictures of us as a baby and a picture of us now as a child. We discussed how we have grown up and all the things we can do now that we couldn’t do as a baby. Lots of you love that you can run and play now, as well as know your numbers and write.

In Forest School the children were tasked with looking after a baby with their friend. Every time the baby cried we had to think what was wrong and how to solve it. You were all great at finding a bed for the baby when it was tired. You also made it food when it was hungry. You played and entertained it when it was bored and some of you even changed its dirty nappy! I loved the care and creativity shown. Some used the tyres as cars and took the baby to the beach and the zoo.

Numeracy- We were challenged to sort the animals into their families and then count and match the Numicon. We extended this by talking about who the biggest giraffe might be- lots of you thought Daddy or Mummy and we agreed the smallest animal was normally the baby.

The only idea of what to do with Boo Hoo Baby we didn’t do in Forest School was bath the baby- so we’ve had lots of fun thinking why the baby has got so dirty and caring for it and its baby toy friends by bathing them in bubbles.

We have started to practice for Sports Day and are super proud of how you are all listening and joining in with our races. It helped to read and watch Peppa Pigs Sport day to understand what to expect and how its the taking part that is important.

What a brilliant Pyjama Day we’ve all had- massive thanks for your generosity, fun and enthusiasm for all our events at Ewloe Green.

With the weather changing- please be mindful the children may need coats but also sunhats for protection.