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In a week where we have seen all seasons in one, Supertato has been helping us a lot.

In language, we have been thinking about different characters and what they might say by using speech bubbles. We have also been designing our own characters with their own super powers. I wonder if we will meet them again next week maybe?


In Maths, we have been digging deep into all the different ways we can make 10 by using whole / part models. Some children have used this method and used really big numbers.

We have also been investigating how to release vegetables from ice blocks we found in the freezer. Do you think this had something to do with Evil Pea? Anyway, with such determined and clever children all the vegetables have been successfully rescued!


Next week, we will be looking at making our own super stories about our super hero vegetables and fruit. In number, we will explore addition and numbers that are larger and smaller than a given number.

We are also looking forward to sharing lots more of what we have been doing at parents evening week beginning 23rd October.


Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Marten