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The children have been using their Numeracy skills to collect and interpret data. They used a pictogram to find out which bird was the favourite within their group. 

Collecting and interpreting data this week.

We have been busy looking at robots this week. The children have been using Beebot to program and have listened very well to instructions given to them too!

This week we have been investigating all the different birds that we might see in our garden, park or school. The children have become familiar with the names of the different birds and have been excited about making feeders for them too.


We filled up the new school bird feeders and took these out to the Forest School Area for the birds. We are even going o make our own to hang in our gardens too! 

Filling up the bird feeders and taking them outside for the birds.

We were all very excited to make our very own bird feeders. The children are looking forward to hanging them up in their gardens and we are looking forward to seeing your pictures of this too!


If you could pop them onto Google Classroom we can share them next week!

Making our bird feeders

The children have been using water colours this week to paint their favourite birds. They also used collage skills to cover their birds with feathers too!

Making birds

We even looked an Ostritch Egg

The children have been very excited all week to build their very own Robots. They worked together in small groups to build huge Robots using their recycling materials from home.


We talked about all the different types of material we can recycle and why recycling is important.

Building robots

Look at our amazing Robots that we made using recycled rubbish.

Glowdie the Robot

Rusty the Robot

Tub the Robot

Felix- Rose the Robot

The children really enjoyed the robot dance.. let them show you it! The link is below.

We enjoyed sorting the different materials for recycling

The children have been learning the colurs in French this week.

Quelle couluer?

They have enjoyed looking at and using this song to help them, maybe they could sing it at home for you too?

♫ La Chanson des Couleurs ♫ French Colors Song ♫ Les Couleurs en Français ♫ Learn French Basics ♫

Next week wb 5.2.24 

We will be finding out about Chinese New Year and making some yummy pancakes too! We will thinking about the toys we had when we were younger and writing a simple sentence about these.


Have a lovely weekend and look out for those birds!


Mrs Bentley and Mrs Fewtrell