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What a fabulous, but short four day week we have had! This week we have been continuing our work on animals and have been focusing on the Welsh words for farm animals. We have also been using the simple patterns  - 
Dwi 'n hoffi (I like...)
Dw i ddim yn hoffi (I don't like...)
We have also been thinking about the properties of materials and have been using the app vocaroo to make predictions about what we think would happen to materials if we bury them underground - we will be exploring this too! In maths we have continued to think about doubling and we have been using stickers to make some simple arrays too! 
We have been focusing on reusing this week and have enjoyed making a variety of instruments and models using old packaging! This has made us realise that before recycling we should reuse when we can.
Please remember to bring a picture or photograph of a place or building which is important to you on Monday if you haven’t already done so ready for our exciting Welsh art project next week.