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What we are learning this week


We have been absolutely fascinated learning all about the Titanic this week and still have so much more to learn! This week we are going to put ourselves in the shoes of the passengers and carry out a 'hot seating' activity. We will take it in turns to be a passenger or crew member and answer some questions e.g. how did you feel boarding the Titanic? We will  also be writing a diary entry as a first/second/third class passenger or crew member. We have really been really moved listening to some of the stories of bravery that happened on that tragic night. 
In Maths we will be doing some data handling with the lifeboats and comparing how many survivors were third, second or third class. We will be making our own boats out of recyclable materials and testing if the sink or float. We don't have much recycling at school at the moment so if you have any plastic bottles etc that could be used to make boats then we would be very grateful if you could please send them in. We are hoping that the weather will have improved this week so we can get out on the field to practise for our sports day! Everyone keep your fingers crossed!