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This week we have been learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly. We have enjoyed listening to and discussing the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' By Eric Carle.


Through this we were able to make a life cycle using pasta, make a diary and even write some sentences in welsh to explain what foods we like and don not like in the story.  

The Butterfly Song for Children

We had lots of fun learning this.

This week we have been understanding how we can sort different objects. We decided a way that we could sort the mini beasts using two criteria. We sorted them very well and w went on to sort lots of other things around the classroom too!

Sorting mini beasts

Last week we went on a snail hunt around school and found some snails. We have been looking after the snails in our classroom ad this week we had snail races.


The children enjoyed working in their groups to make a track for the snails to race. The snails were all very active!

There were so many screams of excitement as the snails raced each other along the tracks.

We have had so much fun finding out all about the life cycle of a butterfly.

We had lots of fun weeding , digging and planting our bean plants.

Next week we will be finding out all about bees. We will also be tasting honey too!  We will be using the iPads to collect data and find out what our favourite mini beasts are. The children will also be exploring how many different ways they can make 10 and 20.