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What we are learning 
• 22.01.24
We have a super busy week ahead of us this week. We have really enjoyed exploring our new topic 'May the Force be with you' and talking about what we think the word 'force' means. This week we will be investigating 'push and pull' and going outside to carry out a range of investigations. We will also be heading outside for our Maths sessions so please ensure the children are coming to school everyday with a warm coat, hat, scarf, gloves etc. We are continuing with subtraction this week but looking at inverse operations and how addition can be used to help work out subtractions. 
In Literacy we are practising lots of writing skills. We will be looking at how to extend a sentence by using  'and, but, or' and unscrambling mixed up sentences. We will also be working on our spelling and using sounds to spell more independently. 
Our Welsh focus this week is using the pattern 'Ga i'. We have been really impressed with how much Welsh the children have been using in the classroom, bendigedig Year 2!