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Welcome back to our last half term in Year 1. It has been lovely to catch up with all the lovely things that happened last week, thank you for sharing these with us.


We have also been having a catch up about our Farm visit from just before we broke up. The turkey and alpacas seem to have been a firm favourite!


In maths, we have begun some work on coding and programming toys. We have begun to understand how to put sets of instructions together and make some games for our little Beebot to play. 


In Science, we are making predictions about the nest conditions needed for seeds to grow and we will be able to see what worked well and what we might do differently in a few days when we can see how well our experiment has worked.


And Sports Day! What an incredible event and a massive thank you to the weather for holding off so we could show you the amazing athletes we have in Year 1. Everybody tried their hardest and we are super proud of everyone. A big thank you to Mr. Swede and our Year 6 helpers for making sure everything ran smoothly.


As ever, thank you for your support, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Marten