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So here we are at the last week of the half term. WOW! Where did that time go? While we are on half term break it will be Valentine's Day, pancake day and the start of Chinese New Year so this week we will be doing some work about those special days. In Literacy we will be making pancakes as well as writing about the toys the children played with when they were toddlers. In Maths we are ordering the animals from the Chinese New Year story from 1st to 12th and making envelopes to put money in. In our afternoon activities we will be writing our names in Chinese writing, using chopsticks in the playdough and making Chinese dragons. Our letter of the week is l/L and our number is 19. Our Welsh phrases are "Dw i'n hoffi/Dw i ddim yn hoffi" and in French we will use "J'aime." In p.e we will be moving like the animals from the Chinese New Year story and be using drums to accompany some Chinese Dragon dancing. It's going to be a fun weeklaugh





A warm welcome to Mr. Spencer who is a trainee teacher and will be working with us in Class 1 until the end of March.

I hope you all have a relaxing, fun half term break. We will see you back in class on TUESDAY 20th February.

(Monday is a training day so the children are not in school.)