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This week our number of the week is 4 and our letter is s. We will be talking about,writing and drawing the things we like doing in class and drawing a picture of how we feel and writing, in Welsh Dw i'n.... ( I am..). We will also be doing work in the outdoor area finding 4 items, sticks, hazelnuts, stones etc.In class we will be cutting out numbers 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 and sticking them in books in the correct order. Our Welsh phrase is "ga i " (Can I...). In p.e we will be using the parachute outside and doing some gymnastic shapes in the hall. We will be using the I pads for the first time and looking how to use a QR code to access a website. In music we are singing a song about faces. Our big book of the week is a non-fiction book called "The Human Body."