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w/b- 06/05/2024 What are humans? Was a great question we discussed this week.

Literacy- We have carried on discussing how we grow and some of you were shocked you were a human 😊. We sang lots more songs and concentrated on ‘5 little ducks’. In the water we counted the ducks, found numbers and shapes on them and had lots of chats about the duck family. Who was Mummy, Daddy and baby and how we should look after them.

We keep watching our seeds grow and can’t wait to see what happens to them next week- we think they’ll keep growing bigger.

Numeracy- We created a timeline of human growth by cutting out and sticking down pictures. Most of you remembered the line starts with a baby and ends with our elderly adults. We decided we like babies and loved being a child but also were looking forward to being a teenager and getting a phone.

We have been ordering flower numbers and also finding a number and doing an action that many times (like star jumps or hops).

We have used sorting circles to sort 2D shapes and explain why they belong to that family. Squares and rectangles are still tricky for some. Same side squares is what we chant when we move our finger round a square shape and we remember they are like a present box. Rectangles also have 4 sides but they are different and look like a door. We chant ‘loooooong, short, looooooong, short’ as we trace around a rectangle shape.

We continue to practice for Sports Day and you are all so fantastic reminding each other its ‘about the taking part’.

Next week we are continuing our growing theme with our class book ‘The Hungry Caterpillar.’

With the weather changing- please be mindful the children may need coats but also sunhats and sun cream applied for protection.