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With just a week to go before our Farm visit, we have been super busy week find out all about what we might see and how our food comes from farms.


Leading on from last week, when we discover the journey of milk from a cow to a bottle, we have made our very own butter from cream and it is delicious! We have then also used the buttermilk we made to make soda bread. So, we have already had a feast of bread and butter for our snack. I wonder what else we could make using milk?


In Maths, we have continues with doubling, halving and making set of the same quantity / number. This was especially useful when we were looking at the ingredients and quantities needed for making our bread.


We have also been working hard on our art entries for the school competition and hopefully we will be able to share these with you next week on Sports Day. A massive ‘thank you’ to everybody who sent in a photo of a favourite place, they have been wonderful and influenced our art work.


Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Marten