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We are beginning to get excited about going to the Farm on the 24th May, so this week we have been thinking about what we know and what we may have seen at a farm. From the discussions and writing the children have been busy having, we have learnt a lot about the animals we may see and the food grown on farms. We have also found out some farms have more unusual animals like meerkats and llamas! 

We have continued to practise our odd and even numbers and doubling and halving. We are also beginning to discover how these strategies link to multiplication. 

As a school, we are having a focus on recycling and why it is so important to recycle and reuse as many resources and materials as possible. This week we have been focusing on food waste. We now have a food bin for scraps and we have also been saving some of our leftover snack to feed as treats to our chickens.  If you are able to provide a snack in a reusable container that would help us cut down our non-recyclable waste greatly.

It’s also been great to feel the weather getting a little warmer and drier, helpful for our Sport’s day practising!

Have a lovely long weekend with friends and family and thank you as always,

Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Marten