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w/b- 19/02/2024 We were so excited to welcome everyone back and hear about your half term fun. This week our story book is ‘Tiddler’ and we are learning the rhyme ‘1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive’.

Literacy- We have a new ‘bucket of books’ we read from every morning after we have done all our jobs (self -registering, choosing our colour monster feeling, taking snack out and putting our coats and bags away). What a busy start to the day you all have!

We have been improving our fine motor skills by catching fish, completing fish jigsaws and tracing along dotted patterned lines.

We are learning some new songs to sing to a special someone soon (mum’s this might be you!) The children are enjoying learning these- especially the actions.

We have a new ‘finding out’ area where we are using magnifying glasses and fish fact books to chat about the fishy objects that are here- lots of you already know lots of information.

Numeracy- We have been catching and sorting fish into colour families and then learning how it’s easier to count ‘how many’ when we line them up and touch each one in turn. Some of us can even find the matching number.

We have been matching pegs to Numicon shapes- lots of 'fine motor' pushing skills and counting too.

We have been making fish art with 2D shapes, googly eyes, pom poms and pipe cleaners.

Helpwr Heddiw has a new job of choosing our daily whiteboard activity. This week we’ve done lots of counting and recognising numbers in these games.


We have introduced a continuous snack system this week, where the children choose when they want to eat and drink and help themselves after they have washed their hands. It is working really well and it is  lovely to see the children chatting happily with different groups of friends in this set up.

NB/Can all snack boxes be labelled for the children to identify theirs as some boxes are very similar.


Information on Parents Evening coming soon.

HOME LEARNING IDEAS. Thursday 8th February.

Feel free to do as many as you want or add your own.

1-Practice writing your name.


Try to remember your capital letter at the start and the Read Write Inc (sound) chant as you write each sound.  

For example ‘a’ is ‘around the apple and down the leaf’. Set 1 sounds chants are in a PDF below or available on the RWI website if needed.


2-Race your toys.


We have done lots of racing in class and P.E and I hope it will be fun to create races for your toys. Try inventing some races- a backward race or an obstacle race (climbing over food tins and sliding down cereal boxes). Discuss which toy has won and what place they came- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. You could even make them medals like we did in class.


3-Play ‘Kim’s game’


2 people are needed to play.

Place 5 items on a tray from around the house. Discuss and describe the objects together.

Cover the tray and remove one object with the other person covering their eyes. Reveal the tray and try to guess what is missing.

Repeat and add more/ have less objects depending on the difficulty.



4-Draw or make any of your favourite Chinese New Year animals.



Read Write Inc Sound mat

w/b- 5/2/2024 This week we learning more about the Chinese New Year of The Dragon.

Literacy- We have been drawing and writing the name of our favourite New Year animal from the ‘Great Race Story’. We all liked different animals for a variety of reasons; the pig because he was pink and the dragon because he was a good friend.

We have been using our fine motor skills by making yummy Chinese food by picking up noodles in the sand with tweezers to fill our bowls.

Chinese New Year is all about celebrating so we are learning how this done by watching clips, acting them out and discussing what we think.

We are playing ‘Kim’s Game’ with a partner. Objects are placed on a tray and then covered. One friend hides an object and reveals the tray. Our friend tries to guess what is missing. This is a fun turn taking, memory and talking game to play.  

Numeracy- In P.E we ran lots of different races- like the animals did in the ‘Great Race’ across the river, to decide the order of the Chinese New Year. We had; running, beanbag balancing, jumping frog and flying dragon races. We guessed who would come 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and then we got ‘place’ stickers when we finished.

We are carrying on the racing in class. We are racing the ‘Great Race’ animals across the river and then making them a shape medal saying 1st,2nd, 3rd or 4th on.

We have had fun with dragons jumping on shapes in the water too and making dens for them.

We have been using our creative and scissor skills to make Chinese lanterns- we can’t wait to take them home as they look brilliant.

w/b- 29/01/-2024 This week we are enjoying all our dragon themed fun with Zog.

Literacy- We have been reading and enjoying a table fun of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books. We are using the pictures to retell the stories and also question how each character is feeling during the story too. We also used magnifying glasses to find the hidden Gruffalos in some of these books.

We have continued colouring in neatly. So many of you were saying you’re trying to colour inside the lines 😊. It’s great how hard you have tried to cut your pictures out using scissors. Don’t they look fantastic on our class trees?

We use lots of Makaton signs in class and this week we added days of the week and our initial name sounds to what we know. We are also learning so much Welsh and this week and next we are focusing on days of the week and numbers.

We have been learning 6 more Read Write Inc (RWI) Set 1 sounds this week. To help your child with this there are lots of videos and ideas online if you google ‘Set 1 RWI sounds’.

To continue to improve our fine motor skills we have been threading and using the play dough as well.

Numeracy- We played a game where we roll a dice and then find that matching dragon egg. Hidden inside the egg were magnetic numbers we then put on our boards and try to draw. Most of us can chant to 10 and we are trying to count sets of objects too- it’s difficult to remember to only say the next number when you touch the next object. We’ll keep working on this skill. We've been doing lots of shape activities too- most children know the main 2D shapes of circle, square, triangle and rectangle.

In P.E we acted out the story ‘Zog’ and pretended to be one of his dragon classmates. It was fun learning to; fly, roar, blow fires and even capture a princess!

We have been working together to build homes for dragons and have role played being a Doctor like Princess Pearl in ‘Zog’. We watched and chatted about different jobs and lots of you want to be helpful, rich, a vet or a Doctor when you grow up. You drew yourself in your future job and we chatted lots about it.

Next week we are learning more about the Chinese Year of the Dragon.


w/b- 22/01/-2024 This week we’re celebrating the Big Birdwatch- with all things ‘birdy’. Our class book was ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and we’ve had a busy chirp-tastic week.

Literacy- We have been acting out our ‘5 little duck song in the water’ and we think your singing is fab. We have also had lots of bird ‘fact’ books to look at and were amazed at all the different birds that live near us. We used binoculars and magnifying glasses to look closer as well. We continue to use our ‘crocodile snappy fingers’ to help us draw some spectacular bird pictures which are now on our ‘Wow’ wall too. We learnt about St Dwynwen’s Day and created heart play dough and heart cupcakes and discussed what makes us feel loved.

Numeracy- We have even been using Numicon to help understand what happens in the 5 little duck song as Mummy duck ‘loses/ takes away’ one duck each time. You had fun hiding each duck and matching Numicon when singing the song with your friends. We continue to count in our songs and play and most of us are doing well recognising numbers around us too.

In P.E we did Yoga whilst following a story about Tallulah the baby owl. It was fun trying new yoga poses- we especially like the phone pose!

We have worked with a friend creating digital pictures on the IWB (Interactive Whiteboard) and Mrs Farrelly thought some of our prints were so good they could sell as wallpaper!

The Ugly Duckling felt sad in our story so we have also been using mirrors to draw hapus (happy) and trist (sad) faces and discuss what makes us feel like that.

We have started using a well-being program called ‘Jigsaw’ that the rest of the school use. This week we learnt that ‘hands are not for hitting’ and we use our words to solve problems. Jennie and Gerrie are our Jigsaw cuddly friends that help us understand our feelings and how to solve problems.

Next week our book is ‘Zog’ and lots of dragon fun is being prepared. We are leading up to 2024 being the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

w/b- 15/01/-2024 This week we finished our class book ‘Elmer in the snow’- and we even got some snow here- albeit a smattering! Many more exciting elephant activities have been going on this week too.


Literacy- We have been practising our fine motor skills threading a necklace for Elmer and making play dough elephants. Elmer has rough skin so we created lots of rubbings using different objects too, such as Numicon and Lego. The children have really enjoyed using step by step guides to draw elephants and other animals- I hope you’re as impressed as we are with their work that is now on our ‘wow’ wall. Thank you for practising the children’s names at home too- we can already see a big improvement and we are helping lots of children improve their fine motor skills which will lead to more control with a pencil too. We continue to recap our Read Write Inc sounds daily and there are lots of ‘Set 1’ sounds videos on YouTube if you wanted to practice these chants (how to write them) at home too.


Numeracy- We have been rolling a coloured dice and a number dice to write that number on the matching colour on last week’s Elmer picture- we have improved so much as the week’s gone on.


In P.E we listened to ‘Carnival of the Animals’ and moved around the hall how we imagined each animal would- we especially liked the flamingo and monkeys. We also played Crocodiles and elephants – a fun chasing game and sorting Elmer’s food (balls) too.


We have had fun painting muddy elephants and helping them get clean again.

Elephant and other animal footprint patterns were fun to make in the sand as well.

We also joined in with the Foundation Phase assembly’s hall for the first time, and did so well we will go to them every week. We watched Year 1 act out ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and enjoyed lots of being kind videos, songs and stories too.


Next week is Big Birdwatch week-so we are reading the ‘Ugly Duckling’ and making bird feeders amongst other activities as well as celebrating and learning about St Dwynwen’s Day.

w/b 9/1/2024

This week and next week our class book is ‘Elmer in the snow’. We have enjoyed lots of activities indoors and out and are hoping snow will come to Ewloe too!

Literacy-Our new Read Write Inc sounds are f, l, h,r and j. We have lots of fun chanting, acting out and finding objects with that initial sound. We write our names often by tracing over our name cards. This week and next we are doing this in our books and also trying to write it by ourselves using the Read Write Inc Chants we know to help. I have been impressed that friends are helping others remember to use their crocodile snap fingers to hold their pencil correctly too!

Maths- We have been sorting Elmer elephants and other wild animals into groups. Lots of us liked to name the individuals as Mummy and Daddy and baby etc. We also counted how many were in each group too.

Working together we have been colouring a massive Elmer Elephant to make sure he’s rainbow coloured. We have shared the pens and also been asking in Welsh, Pa Lliw? What colour and replying coch- red, glas, blue etc.

We have used the construction blocks to make homes for Elmer and friends and have read lots of lovely new books, kindly donated by Isla’s mum (thank you).

We are impressed by how excited, yet focused the children have been coming back after two weeks off- keep it up.

w/b 18/12/2023. What a fun last week of 2023 we have had. We look forward to our party on Friday.


Literacy – We have been having lots of chats about cheeky elves and dancing reindeers. It's lovely to hear the children having such brilliant ideas and suggestions to add to group discussions. We continue to vote daily on a going home story each day  and are learning to have an opinion if we liked/ disliked it and why. We have been working on drawing together to make big artworks too- sharing space and pens can be quite hard at first. 


Numeracy- We made special dancing reindeer food this week. We followed a recipe and needed to get the spoon measurements right. We also helped each other as it was tricky to pour the food in and hold our bags- good job everyone. We were given some indoor snowballs so have been counting how many we can get in the tub. We continue to learn number songs and count daily (how many children are here and how many votes for each book)- keep up counting at home too!

We were gifted a wooden tree made in woodwork by Year 6. We have used sandpaper and hard work to turn the rough wood smooth so we can paint it.



Thanks to all the parents for your help and support settling in your children this term and we cannot wait for more fun, adventures and creative learning in 2024. Enjoy the Christmas holidays :-)

w/b 11/12/2023. This is our last week of Stick Man and the Nativity story- we will look at ‘Dear Santa’ next week.

Literacy – We hopefully wowed you all with the children’s amazing Christmas performance. They were fantastic at: following their instructions, listening to the story, knowing all the actions and obviously super singing too! We are so proud of their confidence and enjoyment they showed.

 This week we have been looking at ‘What Winter Means to Me’. We used a ‘Talking Tub’ of objects to help the children chat. We had some great ideas like ‘It’s cold and we have to wear hats, gloves and coats’ and ‘unwrapping presents’.

We have been making snowflake and star painted prints for our Winter wall too.

Numeracy- This week we’ve continued to make snowmen but this time using dice-a bit like ‘Build a beetle ‘game. We had to roll 6 for a body and 5 for a head etc. This was fun and used great counting skills too. We have been practising our fine motor skills and counting using tweezers to put pom-poms in the correct coloured Numicon- we had to put 5 red in Numicon number 5 and 10 blue in Numicon number 10.

We have been practising washing our hands to make sure we stay happy and healthy. We wet them first, then add soap and make lots of bubbles as we rub our fingers and thumbs- finishing with washing the bubbles away. Most children are remembering we must wash after using the toilet too.

A cheeky Elf arrived today in Nursery and they drew silly faces on our milk and made a swing- we had some great ideas on what might happen next!

w/b 4/12/2023. This week and next our class book will be Stick Man and the Nativity story.

Literacy - We are practising how to grip a pencil to help us draw and write our names in our Christmas cards. We make a snappy crocodile mouth and then put the pencil in our tripod grip. We are even learning an action song which helps us and is lots of fun! We also told Mrs Farrelly what we wished for at Christmas and what we wanted to get better at in school- most children said drawing, singing and reading.

Numeracy- This week we’ve been using big, medium and small circles to help us draw snowmen and then chat about what details to add like eyes, carrot nose and hat etc. We have been playing ‘snap’ with numbered snowmen and improving our number recognition. We have an online advent calendar and each day we choose a ‘super sitter’ to open the next ‘door’ by finding the right number and they get a sweet to take home. Don’t worry everyone will get a go. We continue to count angels in our Christmas song and it helps to use our fingers when we count to 10.

We have been solving Christmas jigsaws on the board with our friends, taking turns and using positional language like above, next to and below to help our friends. We also have lots of snowmen to fit together- adding the head to their body and then putting on eyes and a nose, scarf and a hat.

We have a Christmas tree in the classroom that we can decorate every day with our friends which is lots of fun.

We have had performance practices in the hall and other classes came in to watch us- they said we were ‘AMAZING’ and ‘THE BEST THING THEY’D SEEN ALL YEAR.’ Our dress rehearsal was fun and thank you for bringing in all the super costumes- we can’t wait for Monday and hope you can all make it.

Thanks for all the ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ money and all your super outfits.

w/b 27/11/2023. This week we are finishing our Gingerbread man activities and our new class book is Stick Man.


Literacy - we are writing our names in our Christmas cards and explaining to Mrs Farrelly  what we liked/ didn’t about our ‘end of day story’. We also have our Nativity scene (we know from our ‘Mary had a Baby boy’ song) in our role play area we can use to retell the story. We are playing lots of listening games such as; ‘Simon says’ or at this time of year ‘Santa says’.

Numeracy- we printed with Numicon (number shapes) onto our Gingerbread Men and chatted with Mrs Tariq about having; 1 nose, 2 eyes, 5 fingers etc. We waited for the paint to dry and had a go at writing our numbers too. In the sand we have Numicon labelled plant pots and we are trying to’ plant’ the matching number of coloured seeds (plastic discs). We have learnt to play ‘snap’ and ‘pairs’ with our teddy cards- these are such fun ‘turn-taking’ and ‘descriptive language games’.

We have been chatting about how cold it is getting and that lots of us saw ice this week. We wanted to make our own so we filled a tray with plastic objects and put water in it. We decided to leave it outside to freeze and discussed how we might get the ice out- we think we’ll have fun trying!

Our Christmas cards are looking great and very individual. Everyone wanted to make two as they had lists of people to give them too- we will start on our next design this week too.


Thanks for all the performance costumes- we will have our dress rehearsal next week!

A small snapshot of all the hands on, purposeful and fun learning your children do each day inside and out of the classroom.

w/b 20/11/2023


Our class book is ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

We have listened to many different versions and like it when he is saved by the crow instead of being eaten.

We have been making lots of bridges across rivers-which is especially fun in the water. Our play dough skills are improving as we are learning to roll the playdough and cut out our Gingerbread men to go on the tray- lots of size and number chat has occurred too. We have worked together on making stained glass window Gingerbread men to decorate our windows and counted buttons onto gingerbread people.

We have started voting for our daily book- we put one lollypop stick on our favourite and we count which is the winner at the end of the day. This is helping us count and understand ‘more’ or ‘less’, as well as being fun to have a choice.


We continue to practice our Christmas songs and we will be going in the hall next week for practices too- everyone is trying hard and please talk to your child about how excited you are to see them perform and try their best with the actions and words.

We use our great outdoor learning area every day so please remember with the weather changing warm coats, hats, gloves and scarves are appreciated.

We are so happy that everyone has now learned how to put their coat on by themselves. Putting it on the floor and standing either side of the hood and then putting our arms in and over our heads is a great new skill. We will work on zips next!

Another fun filled, exciting and happy week- well done.


FYI- COMING SOON- Morning and afternoon Nursery will have separate photo displays for your convenience.


w/b- 14/11/2023


This week our class book is ‘The Colour Monster’. We have been discussing all our different emotions, how it’s ok to feel them and how we can help ourselves feel the ‘loved’, ‘calm’ and ‘happy’ ones the most. We now choose how we are feeling when we register each day- we put our monster on a colour monster chart-sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are angry. This helps our teachers know and they can help us.

In PE we went in the hall for the first time. We travelled like animals with emotions- ‘happy cat’ and ‘angry dinosaur’. When we heard the bell, we had to go to the station area Mrs Farrelly said Hapus/ happy or Trist/ sad etc. We watched some Peppa Pig ppts and discussed being a good friend and acted out good friend / bad friend dramas and chat.

For Anti-bullying day we wore odd socks and decorated a pair with a friend discussing what makes a good friend and also sorted piles of socks into pairs.

We painted our hands and made our friendship tree to remind us of all the good qualities a friend is kind, shares, happy, plays with us etc

We have been practicing our scissor skills by cutting out monster body parts and sticking them together.

We are starting to think about Christmas- more exciting info next week.


w/b 6/11/2023


Our story this week was ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We have read the story lots and acted it out with props too. We have been drawing sounds we know in porridge and sorting bears into coloured houses in the water. We even made porridge and discussed if we liked/ disliked it and why? We’ve been naming, drawing and colouring shapes- most of us know circle, square, triangle and rectangle and some of us need more help looking for these when we are out and about. We have been discussing Remembrance Day and watching the Cbeebies videos ‘poppies’ explaining it. We’ve made poppies for the classroom and one to wear too. Writing our names has been our whole class challenge and if you could practice this at home that would be helpful. Another busy week and thanks for being so awesome!


W/b- 23/10/2023.


This week in Nursery we are celebrating how far everyone has come already and thank all the families for making the time to come to Parents Evening (Day). We have read, listened to and acted out the fantastic rhyming story ‘Room on a broom.’ In Forest School we helped the witch by making our own wands and gathered Autumn objects to create spells to turn the teachers into dragons and frogs. We are practising rhyming by doing the register using silly rhymes for our names.

We had our photos taken and decided to draw our own portraits too. We used mirrors and shapes we know to help us. These will look great decorating our coat area. We continue to recap and learn our sounds- this week we played ‘splat the sound’ which was fun.

We have also started clapping, drumming and using our body as an instrument to sound out syllables and cvc words, such as c-a-t. We all want to learn how to write our names so we are encouraging everyone to find their own name to copy onto any pictures they make. We continue to practice counting in lots of fun ways and are remembering to only touch each object once. Thanks for donating and wearing purple and helping us get more books for school, by buying them for your children at our fair. We want to also thank you for a great start to school life and wish you a happy and healthy holiday next week.

w/b- 16/10/2023.


In Nursery this week we have been focusing on Autumn time and our feelings.  We had a great time in Forest School -finding green, orange and red leaves and counting ten leaves to gather to throw. We found some Autumn animals hiding too- woodlice, ladybirds, worms and slugs. In class we wanted to make the ladybirds we saw, and counted their spots and legs as we made them in our craft area. We also played a ladybird counting game on the big Whiteboard. We have been learning a new song called ‘Mr Hapus ydw i’ (I am Mr Happy) which has led us to discuss and act out what makes us happy and sad. We are all happy at the park and want to try our best to make our friends and family happy too. During snack time we say ‘diolch’ which means thank you and the teachers are very happy with how well we are all doing knowing our school routine and class rules. Bendigedig pawb (fantastic everyone)! Next week our class book is ‘Room on the broom’.



w/c Friday 12 october


This week we have started Helpwr Heddiw and their friend. This has led to lots of help for us!

The Enormous Turnip was our class book and we agree its good to work together when we tidy and share toys.

We’ve been learning 5 new sounds this week too- I,n,p,g and o. We are impressed how well you are doing with these. We had PE on the big yard. We moved in our pretend tractors – slow to fast. We rolled a ball to a friend and played ‘Duck, duck, goose’, ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘dodge ball’.

We’ve learnt about our 5 senses and love listening and looking.

Have a super weekend and we will see you on Monday.


w/b Tuesday 4th October.


Today we have gone on a very exciting adventure.Morning and afternoon class have gone on a chicken hunt! 

w/b Monday 2nd October


This week, we will carry on learning our sounds "m, a, s, d and t " in lots of fun ways. Our class book is ‘The Little Red Hen’ and we’ will act it out and discuss being a ‘good friend’. There will be lots of ‘on the farm’ activities both inside and outside - such as singing ‘Old MacDonald’, retelling the 3 Little Pigs' story and building their houses!!!


Today we have enjoyed lots of fun activities outside and we all wanted to share some fun pictures.


w/b Monday 25th September


Another fun and busy week in Nursery ! Everyone has had a good time in and out of the classroom. We have been learning our Read Write Ink (RWI) sounds " m, a and s". We played lots of different listening and numicon games. We sang number and shape songs.Our book this week in Nursery has been “Owl Babies “ and to accommodate our theme, we have made owl pictures by ripping up pieces of card and glueing them onto card. Don’t they look cute ?