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What a wonderful week we have had! We have really enjoyed continuing our work on dinosaurs and measure and we have used chalk and trundle wheels to outline the size of various dinosaurs! We have also been exploring dinosaur bones in the sand, making fossils and thinking about what dinosaur skeletons may look like. We have continued to explore our school's orienteering course and have enjoyed a dance workshop too! We have started to think about Easter, recapping work on Lent and talking about the significance of the egg, linking to our work on science perfectly! As part of our science week we have been focusing on predictions and have predicting what would happen to hard boiled eggs if left in brusho, food colouring and paint! We have also explored how delicate eggs are and completed an 'egg baby' experiment as part of our work on health and well-being. Children have worked amazingly in their groups 'looking after' a hard boiled egg without dropping it! This has made us realise how important gentle hands are and a little bit about responsibility too! 
We have also explored forces using eggs and ramps and explored how eggs move on different heighted ramps. We have continued to explore weight, estimating and weighing filled plastic eggs and predicting what was inside them all. We have also been ordering weights from lightest to heaviest!