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Return to school Monday 15th March

Welcome back!!! - September 2020

We are very excited to be back and very excited to welcome our pupils back to school.

Below you will find information about the day to day running of the school...we hope it helps.



Pupils will be given their Reading Log on Monday, this will be brought home on that day so parents can comment or sign the days that they have listened to or witnessed their child reading at home (three times a week at least).

These logs are to be brought back into school every Monday for teachers to check on pupils reading habits and also allow pupils to write their new spellings down so they can use them at home.



Homework will follow a similar pattern to the work completed during lockdown- a distanced and pupil-led approach.

Homework books will be sent home in the first week of each half term. Homework will be set by the class teacher using the Google Classroom. Work will be self assessed by pupils at home. If requested by the teacher, completed work can be emailed to them.

Homework books will be brought into school on the final week of each half term for teachers to monitor the work completed at home.


Google Classroom is accessed through:

You will need your Hwb Login which can be found in your reading log.

  • Google - click the dots in the top right hand corner and click on google classroom.
  • Directly through Hwb - you will need to log in and click on Google for education and again, log in with your Hwb email.
  • You can download the Google Classroom app via apple or android. 

Readiwriter (previously Spellodrome)

Readiwriter is the latest update to the Spellodrome spelling program used in school. It focuses on the teaching and learning of spellings and is similar to the original Spellodrome program used by your child.

Pupils will be taught how to use the software in school, but the majority of work in Readiwriter will be completed at home.

We still expect at least 1000 points each week, please take some time to familiarise yourself with this new and exciting resource...we know the pupils will really enjoy learning their new spellings in a fun and interactive way.

Usernames and passwords will remain the same and log in details can be found in Reading Logs.


Rewards and sanctions

This year we are adopting a new reward scheme for pupils in KS2 that follows the same core principles addressed in the school policy. Pupils will be placed in ‘House Teams’ and will earn points for their house through an agreed policy with the pupils- this will focus on making the right choices and working hard in school. This will ensure a fully inclusive learning environment.

The ‘Dotty Discipline’ system will be used again. This system is designed to be fair to all pupils and encourages pupils to be independent learners. Please reiterate to your child that getting a dot should be seen as a learning is not the end of the world!!!

For clarity on the giving of these please see the back of your child's reading log.


PE Days

Pupils arrive at school in their outdoor PE kits- trainers, black tracksuit bottoms, plain white T-shirt, sweatshirt.

Year 3- Tuesday and Thursday

Year 4- Monday and Wednesday

Year 5- Tuesday and Friday

Year 6- Monday and Thursday

Forest Schools information will be given at a later date.


Thank you for your ongoing support and patience. Please bear with us as we navigate our new routines and new ‘normal’.


See you very soon,

Miss Hughes and Mrs Prydderch