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Class 5 Readiwriter champions this week!

Class 6 Group Merit Winners

Class 5 group of the week - Jellies! Ardderchog!

Week Beginning 5.7.21

We hope you enjoyed receiving your child's end of year report and hope your child is even more excited about Year 3 now they know who their next teacher will be. 


This week we have another busy week. In literacy we are going to be writing simple sentences giving personal information about our name, age, where we live and things we like/don't like and hearing the story of "Alun Yr Arth" which tells us a little about Owain Glyndwr. In Maths we are thinking about halves and quarters as well as practising column addition. In humanities we are retelling the story of King Solomon and we will be learning the song "Don't Worry Be Happy" (Bob Marley).  The children will be completing one page profiles ready for their new teacher and the new teacher will be paying a short visit to class to introduce themselves. (Please remember this week's homework as this will help with the profile). There may only be a few more "get ups" before the summer break but we are still busy, busy, busy. smiley

Class 6 

Well done to these children. Their group won the most merits this week. Da iawn.

Our group of the week with 23 group points - the Tickles again!

Week beginning 28th June 2021


This week we are really enjoying our storywriting and have used our Story Mountains we created last week to write our super stories. We have talked about how to open stories creatively and how we use words to make our stories super exciting. We have also started to explore using speech marks in our stories too. 

We have been looking at wisdom this week and have explored the story of King Solomon. We have talked about the wise decisions he made and also discussed how we can make wise decisions too. 

We have been using our role play castle to create a shop and have been buying items and giving change. We have also created posters telling people how to stay safe when visiting castles. 
We have explored maps of Wales and have identified where castles in Wales are located, developing our own key too! 

We have been designing our own family coat of arms, thinking about what is important to our families. We have also been reading Welsh books.

Class 5 - look at all the children who gained at least 1000 Readiwriter points this week! Wow!


Well done to these children in Class 6 who scored 1000 points or more on Readiwriter. DA IAWN.

Well done to these children in the "Bounce" group (Class 6) for getting the most merits this week. BENDIGEDIG.laughlaughlaugh

Tickles - Class 5's group of the week with 12 group points! Ardderchog!

Week beginning 21st June 2021

This week we are continuing our work on castles and are working on creating our own group non fiction book about parts of a castle. 

We have been also planning our creative castle stories using story mountains and we are really looking forward to writing them next week. In music we have also been continuing the song - in the hairy scary castle song - it's super scary!

In maths we have continued to explore money and we have used coins to make amounts in different ways. We have also explored giving change. 

In Welsh we have continued to explore prepositions and have used puppet pals 2 to create our own animation showing the location of castle objects. 

Following on from our sports day we have been exploring what being 'competitive' means and have explored how to be fair too. We have also celebrated the achievements of our friends. 

Class 5 Readiwriter Champions this week (including Kaden)

Group champions - Class 5 - Bounces with 20 group points this week!

Week beginning 14th June 2021


This week we are starting our new topic about castles and we have been talking about what we already know about Castles and what we want to learn. We have used the App PicCollage to show our learning.  We have been writing letters to our year three teacher (yet to be revealed) telling them about us and our hopes for life in year three. We have also been finding out about the definitions of key castle parts. 

In maths we have been working with money and thinking of different ways of making amounts to £1 when buying things from our castle shop. We have also been working on partitioning numbers into tens and ones independently. 

We have recapped our work on prepositions and have been writing (in Welsh) about where castle parts are located. We have been working as a team using straws to build a bridge to hold a knight and a horse without it collapsing!

We have also been exploring castle work by Paul Klee and have recreating our own art work based on his style.

Class 5 Readiwriter champions! These super stars gained 1000 points (or more) this week!

What another wonderful week! Class 5 have been amazing and scored a whopping 56 points this week!


Bounces - 19

Tickles - 22

Jellies - 15


The tickles are our group champions again this week! Ardderchog! 

Well done to these children in Class 6 for getting the most Merit Melyn points this week. Da iawn.

Class 5 Readiwriter champions this week!

Week beginning 7th June 2021


This week we have been focusing on Scientific investigations as a whole school as part of our Science and Technology week. We have been exploring whether eye colour, gender or height have an impact upon the distance we can jump. We have planned our investigation, predicted what we thought would happen, recording our results using tables and graphs and evaluated our findings. 

We have focused on measure this week and have read the story 'Man' thinking about the size he may be when comparing him to objects we are familiar with. 

We also independently conducted our own investigation exploring whether larger hands can pick up more blocks. 
We have created our own set of class Top Trump cards about ourselves and have really enjoyed playing this game. We have enjoyed creating our own Father's Day cards for all of our super people at home.


Week Beginning 24th May 2021

This week is the second special week of Language, Literacy and Communication. We are learning another Welsh legend, the legend of "Branwen." We will be making a list of foods for a party, writing a rule we would impose if we were the king or queen and writing descriptions including a simile. In maths we are continuing to learn about capacity and time and in music we will be recording a special Welsh lullaby. We will also be making a picture of a ship, using straws and using coordinates to plot places on a map of Wales. We will also be listening to the story of "The Smartest Giant In Town" and thinking about kindness and sharing with others. It will be another very busy week but a great one again we are sure. 

Class 6 Merit Melyn Winners

Class 5 Readiwriter champions!

Well done to ALL the children in Class 6 for scoring 1000 points or more on Readiwriter last week. FANNNNNTTTTTAAAAASSSSTTTIIICCC. 

Week beginning 17th May 2021

This week we are really enjoying our focus week exploring the Mabinogi story of Taliesin. We have been thinking of words linked to the story and have created some wonderful acrostic poems. We have been thinking about the feelings love and despair and have been linking these feelings to the story. We have also created some double sided masks showing these feelings which we have used during circle time. 

In our creative work we have planned our own potions, thinking about capacity and also colour mixing. We have been writing out methods and thinking about how long we will spend stirring our potions and what would happen if we were to drink 3 drops. 

We have been reading questions about Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) and answering them using full sentences. 

We have been imagining turning into animals like Gwion and have been writing sentences about what animals we would change into, giving reasons for our thinking. 


Group of the week

This week the bounces have kept the trophy yet again! They have scored a massive 27 group points this week and Mrs Marten is super proud of you!

*Come on tickles and jellies - you can win the trophy next week!* 

Class 5 Readiwriter champions this week!


Class 6 Trophy Winners



Week Beginning 10th May 2021

This week we are learning about division, planning a story about a minibeast and correcting sentences by ordering the words correctly and using full stops and capital letters. We are also thinking about similes and syllables. We are listening to a French song "Vole, vole papillon..." and learning about the Welsh prepositions (ar-on, dan-under, wrth-by, tu ol-behind, o flaen-in front of).  In Collective Worship we are thinking about forgiveness. In science we are doing some more work on minibeast habitats and in p.e. practising aiming and tennis skills. Homework this work will be to create your own aiming game. (See Google Classroom on Friday for more information).

Week beginning 4th May 2021

This week we are having a really exciting week! We are exploring three Mabinogi stories - The Legend of Gwion and Ceridwen, Blodeuwedd and Branwen and we have thought about what activities we can do based on these stories. We are also looking forward to working with Russell on an art project in the ampitheatre this week. 

In mathematics we have been exploring 3D shapes and have been on a shape hunt outside. We have also developed our IT skills by creating a pic collage piece of work showing the shapes we found. We have also been sorting 3D shapes in a Venn diagram. We have been exploring multiplication - focusing on x2, x5 and x10, using coins to help us.

In P.E we are developing our throwing, aiming and tennis skills and working really hard with a partner - assessing each other's learning. 

We are observing our caterpillars - they are growing super fast and it won't be long until the turn into chrysalis'. We cannot wait. In Welsh we are looking at prepositions and talking about where minibeasts are using words such as ar, yn, o dan, wrth, o flaen and tu ol. 

Class 6 Trophy Winners



Class 5 Readiwriter champions!

Week Beginning 26th May 2021

This week we are using 2D shapes to design our own minibeasts, using tally marks to show how many of each shape we have used. We will also be practising more maths problems. In literacy, we are learning more about the story of Cody the Caterpillar and writing a verse to the song "There's A Tiny Caterpillar On  A Leaf." In our music sessions the children will be composing their own rhythm, using minibeast pictures. Our Welsh phrase of the week is "Pawb i wrando" (Everybody listen). and we will be listening to the story of "The Cautious Caterpillar" in Welsh. In handwriting we are practising the letter q. In P.E. we are practising aiming when throwing a ball and basic tennis skills, hitting a ball with a bat. It's going to be another very busy week. Please remember to keep reading at home and keep practising your new Readiwriter words.We are also very excited because we will be working with an artist called Russell who is coming in to do some work in the amphitheatre. 

Our wonderful class 5 Readiwriter champs this week!

Week Beginning 19th April 2021

This week we are continuing to learn about minibeasts. In maths we are going to look at the results of last week's minibeast hunt and plot the data on to bar chars and we are going outside and using I pads to take a photo and to flip the image to make a symmetrical picture. In literacy we are reading the story of Cody the Caterpillar and answering some comprehension questions. In Welsh we are learning a song about a spider in the bath and in French we are revising colours. In our science activities we are finding out about the lifecycle of a butterfly and in our health and well being activities we are thinking about what makes a good friend and making a leaflet to promote friendship. In p.e. we are thinking about verbs and moving like different minibeasts. 

Week beginning 12th April 2021


Welcome back! We hope you all had an 'egg-cellent' Easter! 

This week we are starting to 'egg-splore' out next topic 'on our doorstep' / minibeasts. We have really enjoyed going on a minibeast hunt this week and have used tally marks to record the minibeasts we have found. We have also explored the alphabet and explored animals starting with each letter of the alphabet. We have also sketched pictures of minibeasts, thinking about shape and colour. 

We have also talked about how precious all living creatures are and have been thinking about ranking them in order of importance - this caused many debates! We have also explored the Welsh words for minibeasts and have been talking (in Welsh) about the minibeasts we like and dislike. 


In P.E we have explored how our heartbeat and breathing changes during exercise and we have also continues to work on our throwing and catching skills, linking our work to time. We have also explored money and coins in maths and have explored different ways of making amounts using 10p and 20p coins.   

Class 5 super star readiwriter champions!

Week beginning - 22nd March 2021

Class 6 Readiwriter Superstars

Can you tell who scored the most points??????
Class 5 have worked so hard on their readiwriter last week - just look at the number of children who gained 1000 points or more!

Week beginning 22nd March 2021


This week we have been really starting to think about Easter. We have explored the Easter story and have been focusing on creating our own diary extracts, imagining that we are Jesus. We have also been writing our own acrostic Easter poems. In maths we have been exploring fractions (quarters and halves) and have been creating our Easter cards thinking about finding halves and quarters of egg shapes. We have explored half past, quarter to and quarter past in our maths sessions too when exploring time. 
We have enjoyed the story of the Golden Goose and have been exploring 'gratitude' and 'greed'. We have created some wonderful animations exploring the story. 

We have continued to make our puppets using our plans to help us and we have evaluated our work too. 

The Golden Goose

Still image for this video

Week beginning 15th March 2021


This week we are exploring weight and using g and kg to measure weight. We are also estimating weights of classroom objects and ordering them from lightest to heaviest. We are also exploring reading scales too! In literacy we are exploring the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong and creating our own lyrics based on the song thinking about the things we like to see. We are also sketching our favourite things to look at too. We are continuing to develop our links with St Vincent's school and have explored another comic and have been thinking about how it may feel without our sight and how people with sight problems can have support to help them. 

We have explored the best materials to create an umbrella with, discussing their properties and we have also planned our experiment for next week. We have exploring building up pictures using the lego movie app in preparation for our animation week next week.

We have also been looking at our puppet designs from last week and have started to stitch our puppets, ready to add detail to them next week. 

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Good old song of Louis Armstrong - What a wonderful world.Subscribe

High Hopes - Frank Sinatra (Lyrics)

If you have anymore requests please let me know in the comment section below.No copyright intended.

Class 6 Readiwriter Superstars.





WOW! WOW! WOW!         

Mr. Williams is so pleased. 

Look at these wonderful children in class 5 who gained at least 1000 Readiwriter points last week!

Class 6 - Mother's day song

Still image for this video

Class 5 - Mother's day song

Still image for this video
      Week Beginning March 8th 
This week we are learning a little about Louis Braille, measuring using cm and using ICT to make a bar chart to show the height of each person in class. We are designing puppets to make next week and thinking of adjectives to describe our mums/nanas as well as making Mother's Day cards and learning a Welsh song about mums/nanas. In p.e. we are practising throwing and catching. Our Welsh word of the week is "paid" (pronounced pied) and it means don't. The letter of the week is c. We will also be doing some Welsh guided reading and sorting materials into 2 groups, natural and man made.

High Hopes - Frank Sinatra (Lyrics)

If you have anymore requests please let me know in the comment section below.No copyright intended.



Da iawn to all these children in Class 6 who scored 1000 points or more on Readiwriter last week. Mr. Williams is really proud.laughlaugh

Look at these superstars from class 5 who have gained at least 1000 points this week!

Week beginning 1st March 2021

Well done to these children in Class 6 who scored 1000 points or more on Readiwriter. FANTASTIC. laugh
Class 5 have worked super hard with Readiwriter last week! Look at the huge number of children who have gained at least 1000 points! 

This week we are focusing on Wales. We have enjoyed the story of Saint David and also the Welsh story about King March too. We have enjoyed creating Acrostic and rhyming poems about King March and have also been very creative and have been creating a face of King March, using a variety of materials to create some horse ears. We have also celebrated the fact that we all look different! 

We have been thinking about flags in Wales and created our own family flag, thinking about what is important to us. We have looked at symbols in Wales and have created some Wales bunting using Welsh words and symbols. 


Caru Canu | Pen Ysgwyddau (Welsh Children's Song)

Cân hwyliog draddodiadol yn cyflwyno rhannau o'r corff (Pen, ysgwyddau, coesau, traed) A fun traditional Welsh children's song introducing body parts. (Head,...

Our learning this week

Week beginning 22nd February 2021


We are absolutely thrilled that we are finally all back together after what has been a very long half term for us all. Our new topic is materials and this week we will be exploring making circuits from our electricity topic last half term. We are using the I Pads to take a photo of our circuits and have uses Pic Collage to label the parts of those circuits. 

We are also exploring solving addition and subtraction problems using column addition and subtraction and recapping on place value and doubling and halving. 

We are talking about how lockdown has been for us and thinking about what we have missed. We are reflecting on what people around us have done during lockdown to support us and have been writing thank you letters! We are making bird puppets and learning to recite 2 Little Dickie Birds in Welsh and French. 



A huge well done to these children in class 5 who gained at least 1000 Readiwriter points over the last two weeks! 

The French Months of the Year (French Essentials Lesson 5)

This week we are learning the French Months of the year!

 Please remember to check your hwb/google classroom for your home learning challenges. 

Welcome back! We know things are a little different for us all again! We will update this webpage daily with activities for you to complete. Please remember to do just what you can and that we are always here if we can help in any way! 



Readiwriter and Numbots are also brilliant resources which we continue to encourage children to use on a daily basis to help develop spelling and numeracy skills. 

Friday 8th January


Literacy activity

Before Christmas we looked at a Welsh letter from Father Christmas and looked for Welsh words we understood, writing the English translations (see picture below for a super example)! Today we would like you to look at another Welsh letter and with a grown up try to read the letter. Can you recognise any Welsh words? Do you know what they mean in English? If you’re not sure perhaps use google translate to help you!

Letter from Sion Corn

P.E activity


Today we would like you to work on your aiming skills! Can you look for a bucket/tub and make some balls (rolled up socks work really well)! Try to find a measuring tape. Can you stand 1 metre (100cm) away from a tub and try to throw your ‘ball’ into the bucket? If you get it in try moving back another 50cm and try again. What distance are you away from your bucket now?  Keep moving back 50cm until you start missing!

Perhaps explore aiming your ‘balls’ into different types of containers – what makes it easier/harder?

Remember to really think about your work on measure when completing your activity today – what was the largest distance you could throw and aim correctly? If it is snowy perhaps try this activity with snowballs!

Watch the video of year two demonstrating this activity by clicking on the year two page on the Ewloe TV link below!

Numeracy activity


We have been exploring odd and even numbers – try to listen to the songs below and join in if you can to help you learn the odd and even numbers. Then keep scrolling down for today's numeracy activity.

Odd Todd and Even Steven Song

This song introduces kids to the concept of odd and even numbers. They will learn how to identify an odd from an even number and what that distinction means....

Number Crunchers (Rehearsal Version)

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesNumber Crunchers (Rehearsal Version) · Golden AppleDouble Trouble: Fun Songs to Introduce Mathematical Concepts...

Perhaps watch the numberblocks video about odd and even numbers!

Numberblocks - Odds vs Evens | Learn to Count

As seen on CBeebies! Watch Numberblocks full episodes on BBC iPlayer: Subscribe for more Numberblocks: are the...

Can you write the even numbers between 10 and 40. Now can you find half of each number and write it underneath each number. I have done the even numbers from 0-10 to show you! I have attached a sheet to help you with your recording work if this helps you!


Number      2          4           6           8           10

Half             1          2            3           4            5

Thursday 7th January 2021


We are sure you had lots of lovely presents for Christmas. Today we would like you to write a thank you letter. You could write it to Father Christmas, your grandma, aunty, cousin, whoever you would like. Remember you need to write your address at the top of the letter and please remember to use cursive writing, capital letters and full stops. Remember to say who the letter is from. If you are going for a walk later in the day you could pop the letter in the postbox. smiley


Doubling a two digit number.


Roll 2 dice. Write down the number on the first dice and then the number on the second dice. This will give you a 2 digit number. (For example if you roll a 2 and then a 4 this will give you the number 24). Write this number down and then double the number. With some numbers this will be easy but with others it will be really tricky. You might need to do some vertical maths like this:


+ 24



                                              ______      Remember to add the ones column first


How many sums can you do?????????   

If you haven't got any dice at home you could just think of numbers up to 66 to double.

Yesterday you did some work on electricity, trying to find things around your home that use electricity. Did you know there are 2 kinds of electricity? Mains and battery electricity. Some things use electricity from batteries, other things use electricity from the mains. SOME things use both. At home print out or draw this Venn diagram and write the names of things that use electricity in the correct section. 

Wednesday 6th January 2021


Today we would like to hear all about your Christmas break ! Choose your favourite day in the holiday and write about it! What did you do? Why was it your favourite day? Who did you share it with? Remember to keep your writing on the line and check your spellings very carefully!

Before Christmas we started to explore partitioning and explored the number of tens and ones in 2 digit numbers. Today we would like you to explore partitioning at home. Remember partitioning means breaking numbers up into tens and ones, for examples 14 is made up of one ten and four ones, so 1= 10 + 4. Perhaps watch the video below to help you. 


 Now think of some 2 digit numbers and write how many tens and ones are in each number, e.g.


Number Tens Ones
67 6 7


If you find tens and ones easy then why not try to work on partitioning three digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones.

Number Hundreds Tens Ones
152 1 5 2


There is a also a worksheet below you could use to help you if you wish however feel free to just write your work on paper or be creative with chalks, paints etc. Why not play the shark place value game too!

Place Value Introduction - Ones, Tens, Hundreds

For more place value and number activities head to our FREE homework help article: Don't forget to subscribe to the channel...

Partitioning sheet

This term we are going to be exploring the topic livewires. Can you look around your house and find things which use electricity around your house. Can you record what things around your home use electricity? You could record your findings in a list or as a picture of your house!


Best wishes to all for a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

            From Mr.Williams and Mrs. Marten.

Our Christmassy week!

Our super stars who have gained 1000+ Readiwriter points this week!

Homework 11th December

Watch a Christmas film or read a Christmas story and write a review (or video yourself giving your review) and e mail it to us. Tell us what happens, what you like, your favourite part, what you would change and how many stars you would give it and whether you would recommend it to a friend. We look forward to receiving your reviews. smiley


Our year two super stars of the week


This week class 5 have two stars of the week with 16 dojos each! Zachary and Noah are such good friends anyway so they were delighted to share the trophy!

They are both so very kind and caring to everyone around them. They are both very nice and used fabulous manners. 

Zachary and Noah always try so super hard in all they do and are also super focused on their work!



In Class 6 our Star of The Week is Jocelyn. She has always got a huge smile on her face, she is very kind to her friends, she is trying her very best to read with expression and her writing is great too. Well done Jocelyn. smiley  We are proud of you.

These year two super stars gained 1000 or more Readiwriter points this week! Ardderchog!

Week beginning 7th December 2020


This week things are getting very Christmassy! We are busy making our Christmas cards and are enjoying reading some super Christmas stories - we are creating some of our own too!


We have read the Christian story of Christmas and are creating some amazing newspaper reports, reporting the good news.


In science we have been exploring temperature and balloons and have really been thinking about how to make our investigations fair. 


In numeracy we have been exploring reading temperatures and reading scales with no numbers. We have also been finding middle numbers between two 2-digit numbers. 


We wore our Christmas jumpers to school. We have had a movie night, we watched The Wizard of Oz and wrote reviews. We have started to write our own fictional Christmas stories and have been thinking a little about something called "growth mindset." We have had a very busy week and it has been great. Unfortunately two naughty elves have arrived in Year 2. We hope they don't cause too much havoc.........




Our special visitor

Still image for this video

Homework - 4th December 2020


This week we have been exploring bikes. This week your homework is to draw a picture of a bike and try to label it (you may need to do a little bit of research to help you with this)!




Class 6 Star of The Week

This week our Star of The Week is Molly. Molly's handwriting is


very neat and she is a super reader. She comes to school with a


big smile on her face, she is very polite and she plays so


nicely with her friends. Well done Molly. 


Star of the week - 4th December


This week our fabulous super star is TOM!!!! Tom is such a delight to teach and has been working super hard for this! Tom is really kind to all around him and always tries his very best! Tom can be relied upon to help his friends and teacher! Well done Tom, you should be so proud of yourself!

This week we have been exploring bikes! We have looked at what bikes used to look like and what they look like today! We have explored and matched dates to bikes. We have loved using straws to make pictures of bikes and have also used a ruler to measure lengths of the different parts. We have been talking about advantages and disadvantages of riding a bike and have been writing some persuasive letters which our grown ups at home may read very soon. 


We have been exploring old and new transport types and sorted them into sets. We have been planning an experiment exploring how temperature can effect balloons to find out whether hot/cold water can inflate a balloon. 


We have been doubling and halving numbers and also adding multiples of ten, thinking about place value. We have been colouring in fractions of shapes too!


Class 6 went to the post box to post the letters they had written to Santa, we hope he finds the time to reply. 


We had our Christmas packed lunch and all looked fantastic in our Christmas jumpers.

Year 2 Super Spellers

              These children scored 1000 points or more on Readiwrite last week.


Star of the week - Class 5 -  27th November 2020


This week our star of the week is Evie! Evie is so caring and friendly to everyone around her. She is always cheerful with a bright smile on her face. Evie always tries her very best and has beautiful writing. She always strives to go above and beyond with all she does. 



Class 6 Star Of The Week

Jenson has a big smile on his face at school. He is trying really hard to fasten his laces. He is practising reading with expression and he is kind and caring to his friends. Da iawn Jenson, keep it up. 

                  This Week's Homework


Choose 5 words from this week's Readiwriter list. Write 5


sentences with these words in. If you want to draw a picture to


go with your work fantastic. We look forward to receiving your


e mails.  laugh smiley

It has been another busy week in Year 2. We have written a letter to Santa, written a playscript with a partner and acted them out. We have drawn a picture of family members and labelled them in Welsh and French. We have learned the history of hot air balloons and designed our own hot air balloon. We practised adding tens and units with Numicon and used construction kits to make models. We practised the letter m in handwriting and we have been very busy learning lots of Christmas carols and songs. We definitely deserve a relaxing weekend.

Our learning this week!

Can you play the number game below?

Sandy Patty - Love In Any Language I do not own the Music nor have the license to publish it. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED "Copyright Disclaimer Under Sectio...

Class 6 Star of The Week

Harry is working so hard at school. He has a huge smile on his face. He loves to tell us his news. He is so excited about getting 5 tropical fish this weekend. When he counts he tries to say the numbers not just in English but in Welsh AND French. WOW! Da iawn Harry. laugh

Class 5 star of the week - 20th November 2020


This week our star of the week is Tyler! Tyler is simply amazing and is always so keen to learn. Tyler remembers to put his hand up on the carpet and gives us the most amazing answers! He strives to challenge himself and works so well on his own and in a group too!



Homework - 20th November


This week your homework is quite a tricky one BUT very important! This week we would like you to learn how to tie your laces. Watch your grown ups at home and spend lots of time practising on your shoes, coats e.t.c. 

Also - if you have any newspapers you do not need then we would gratefully receive them for our art and craft sessions. Please send them into school in your child's book bag each Friday 

How to Tie Shoe Laces - Teach Children

Teach children how to tie their own shoe laces. Perfect for going back to school. Simple technique and easy to follow tutorial. Other Videos: Cutting Rope Tr...

Week beginning 16th November 2020


This week we are exploring doubling and halving and have been thinking about how we can double 2 digit numbers. We have explored position and direction and have been using hwb to navigate characters around a page. We have LOVED exploring position and movement using the Spheros too - using the IPad to move it and also changing the speed and colour. 

In topic we are making our own maps with keys and have been thinking about compass directions. We are also exploring atlases too. 

This week it is anti-bullying week and we have been talking about what bullying is. We have been drawing pictures of what we think bullies look like and writing sentences about them too! We have also been writing scripts about bullying scenarios and look forward to acting them out next week. 


We are exploring doubling and having in school this week! Try playing this game to help you! 
We have been learning about maps and keys and have been creating our own maps with our own keys too!

Learn About Maps - Symbols, Map Key, Compass Rose

Learn about maps, Symbols, Map Key, Compass Rose. See Cluck the chicken drive his Monster Truck all over Vidsville. Entertaining videos for children, toddler...

We have been learning this song in Collective Worship this week!

Peace Like A River

Homework (13th November)


Look out of your window for 10 minutes and see how many cars, vans, bikes, walkers and buses go past. Use tally marks to show your findings. You could log on to HWB (see the inside cover of your Reading Log for details) to create a bar chart. Remember you have until next Thursday to complete this work and e mail a photo to your teacher. (If you live on a very quiet street or away from the road you may wish to go and stand somewhere else to count the things that pass.)





Class 6 Star of The Week

Sofia has not been in our school for very long. She has settled so well. She is happy, kind and really smiley. She is working so hard and has made lots of new friends. Well done Sofia. We are really glad you came to our school. smiley

Class 5 stars of the week!


This week we have two super stars of the week! Thomas and Willow have both worked so very hard and gained so many dojos for their super work and amazing behaviour. Both Willow and Thomas always complete their busy jobs and always try their very best. 

Mrs Marten is just delighted with them this week! Keep it up my smiling super stars!

Week beginning 9th November 2020


This week we are focusing on Remembrance as part of our whole school Donaldson week. 


In maths we have explored odd and even numbers and used numicon shapes to help us! We have also explored doubling and halving and have started to practically explore multiplication and division too! For Children in Need we have solved addition and subtraction problems to spell out colours and coloured cakes in correctly! 


We have been looking at the parts of a flower and labelled a poppy. We have also used adjectives to describe poppies too!


In art we have been carefully sketching poppies and using oil pastels to add colour. 


In literacy we have enjoyed the story 'Where the poppies now grow' and have identified rhyming words. We have created our own rhyming poem too. We have also created two remembrance themed acrostic poems. 


In music we have explored the Last Post and have thought about how this music made us feel. We also listened to some of the songs and pieces of music the children wrote about in their homework.


In Welsh we have been learning the months of the year and have also been saying when our birthdays are and writing this.


We have made a fantastic display for the atrium, all about Remembrance. On the display board we have put some of the work we have been doing in class and wreaths made by the children as well as medals the children have designed for soldiers. 

Welsh: Months

Donate me a coffee: ~ Dylan :) In this video, we'll learn the months of the year. Months of the year * Ionawr - Janua...

Welsh Days Of The Week

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                Class 6 Star of the Week 

This week our star is Lucy. She is always kind to other children and plays really nicely. She tries very hard to draw beautiful pictures and produce lovely handwriting. This week Lucy has also been very brave. Well done Lucy.         

                       smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley 

Star of the week - class 5


This week Georgia is our star of the week. She is very kind to everyone and is so gentle in all she does. Georgia is very helpful and is super and keeping our classroom tidy. She helps her friends when they need help and plays with everyone on the yard. Georgia always works really hard and listens so well on the carpet. 

Homework - 6th November 2020


This week we have enjoyed listening to Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (see link below). We have thought about how the music makes us feel and what it helps us imagine. This week your homework is to listen and write about a piece of music you like. Can you tell me who wrote it? When they wrote it? Why do you like it and how does it make you feel? Perhaps you could draw a picture about what it helps you imagine!

We will listen to these songs in class over the next few weeks. 

Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)

WARNING: Cannons may make dogs bark, scare your mom, leave your neighbor dumbfounded, make cats panic, wake you up in the middle of the night shouting at the...

Mrs Marten's favourite song

Anna Kendrick - Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone") [Official Video]

iTunes: Amazon: Google play: Music video by Anna Kendrick performing...

We have had such a busy week. We started to learn about our new topic "Locomotion." Some of the children tried using the new construction kit, others made models. We talked a lot about the election in America and held a secret ballot to decide what we would like to do in P.E. on Friday. 4 children stood up to tell the rest of the class why they should vote for a certain activity. We also had a debate about whether children should wear uniform to school and we learned all about Guy Fawkes and used oil pastels to create beautiful bonfire pictures. We wrote 5 finger prayers and Welsh poems about colours. FANTASTIC. 

"Poppies" on CBeebies - Children's Remembrance Day 2 Minutes' Silence Alternative

Instead of 2 minutes' silence, CBBC and CBeebies broadcast this 2 minute animation called "Poppies", showing war from the animals' points of view. Beautifull...

Class 5's super Welsh poem!


Gwyn fel yr rhew
Du fel y pen 
Pinc fel y blodwyn 
Coch fel y pabi 
Llwyd fel y bochdew
Melyn fel yr blodyn yr haul
Glas fel yr dwr 
Gwyrdd fel y cardigan



We have been learning French words and phrases. We have been learning J'aime (I like) and  Je n'aime pas (I don't like). In your homework book there is a sheet for you to complete. If you did not bring your homework book to school please see the photo below and draw the fruits and plates in your book and sort them correctly. MERCI. smiley

Stars of the week - 23rd October 2020

This week Kaden is our class 5 star of the week. Kaden really blew Mrs Marten away by his wonderful homework! He ALWAYS follows our classroom rules and is a delight to teach! Kaden is a popular member of our class and is such a kind friend to all around him! He really makes us smile too!

Olivia is such a kind girl. Her handwriting is so neat and she reads with a lot of expression. WOW! What a superstar.  BENDIGEDIG.

This week we have had such a busy week! We have enjoyed reading two stories about Whales - Dear Greenpeace and My Friend, Whale. We have talked about endangered and extinct animals and what has contributed to their being less and less of these animals in the World. We have been writing persuasive letters encouraging people to be more considerate to our wildlife. We have enjoyed reading the story 'Jonah and the Whale' and have sang a song to match this story too!

We have explored measure and even drew the outline of a whales on our yard! We have ordered animals from shortest to longest. In humanities we have explored a World map, focusing on continents and we have explored where animals come from. 

We used Popplet to show our learning about extinct animals and can now put an image in a piece of work and some text too! We know how to airdrop our work to our teacher!

We have been exploring friends and have found out about Jesus' friends. We have talked about what makes a great friend and have been drawing pictures and writing sentences about our friends! 

If you cannot make it into school this week then try these challenges below!

Homework mission - 16th October 2020


This week we have been looking at adding numbers using our knowledge of our number bonds to 10 to help us! This week your mission is to complete the number sentences in the picture below.

Remember to look for the 2 numbers that add together to make 10 and then add the 3rd number! It might help to circle the 2 numbers that make 10 in a colour! 


Could you have a competition with your family members to see who is the best at playing:

Quick fire number bonds? 

Player 1 shows 6……player 2 has to show the remaining number of fingers to make 10! 

Player 1 : 2     Player 2: 8

Player 1: 9     Player 2: 1

We have explored adjectives to describe our friends this week. Perhaps create your own word art using the link below to create a picture using some of your own adjectives. You could describe a friend, someone in your family or your favourite hobby/animal/toy!

Stars of the week - 16th October

This week our class 5 star of the week is Klara! Klara is an absolute delight to teach and is a wonderful friend to have. Not only does Klara always try her best but she always pushes herself to learn more. She has the most impeccable manners and we are so grateful she is part of our wonderful class!

Class 6


Joshua Jones.


Fantastic batting and catching when we had cricket coaching with Rachel. Well done Josh I wonder if you will be a famous sportsman in the future?  yeslaugh

Week beginning 12th October 2020


This week we have really enjoyed exploring animal families and have been exploring the group names of animals, e.g. mammals, reptiles, birds etc. We have enjoyed exploring which animals which hatch from an egg and animals which grow inside their mother. We have been sketching pictures of what animals look like when they are born and comparing them to what they look like when they are grown up. We have also explored the names of animals - babies/males/females. 

In maths we have been focusing on subtraction and have been mainly subtracting two numbers below 20. We have also celebrated our achievements on Readiwriter - please log on and have a play this week (it is part of your homework). We have been completing our stories about our own animals, focusing on careful spellings and punctuation. 

Our work this week - Week commencing 12th October 2020

Homework mission - 9th October 2020


This week we have been exploring healthy foods linking to our work on harvest.  Your challenge is to have a look at the food in the fridge and cupboards. Can you create a healthy meal showing the foods which you would eat to stay fit and healthy? 


Perhaps research what food groups make up a healthy plate. Perhaps you would like to try to label any of the foods in French and/or Welsh. 


Healthy Food Gives You Energy | Get Well Soon

Watch this video about healthy eating!

Stars of the week - 9th October


This week Annalise is our star of the week (again)! I am absolutely thrilled with just how work Annalise has worked all week long with her smashing smile and spring in her step. Annalise always strives to please her teacher and is such a kind and helpful friend!


Our star of the week is Leo. He has done fantastic handwriting and was really good at cricket. DA IAWN Leo. You are a superstar.

It is our harvest week this week - perhaps share the harvest video with someone at home and try singing the harvest songs together!

Cauliflowers Fluffy | Paintbox | Vegetable | Harvest | Kids Song | Made by Red Cat Reading

You are watching ""Cauliflowers Fluffy"" a super fun colour and vegetable song for teaching harvest, created by Red Cat Reading. Sing, dance and play to kids...

Homework mission - 2nd October 2020


We have been very impressed with all your creative work so far in Year 2! This week’s mission is to research about your favourite pet. Maybe you already have a pet and would like to tell us all about it! Can you find out 6 things about your pet…for example: What does it eat? What kind of house does it need? What does it like to do?


Remember to put the information into your own words and careful spellings, full stops and finger spaces too!


You can display your work in any way you choose!

Stars of the week 2nd October 2020


This week we have two amazing stars - Thomas and Sophia! This week they have both worked incredibly hard and Mrs Marten, Mr Williams and Mrs Townend are incredibly proud! They have been amazing listeners and completed all of their challenges so very well!



Week beginning 28th September


This week we have been super measurers and have been measuring things in our class and in the outdoor areas. We have explored cenimetres and metres and have used PicCollage to record our learning. We have also been estimating the lengths of things around us. Play on the game below to recap our learning. 


We have been writing our Mog and the VET stories using our story mountains to help us. We have been focusing on using connectives, punctuation and adjectives in our writing. 


We have been writing about our favourite animals in Welsh and describing their colours and sizes and we have been reading our work back too. We have also been recapping our learning of animal names in French too!


In Science we have completed our investigations to find the best material/s for our bottom of our pet carriers, exploring which materials are comfortable but also waterproof. 


We have enjoyed exploring the Jewish festival of Sukkot and have been building Sukkah's in our outdoor areas. 


In music we have linked our learning to measure by exploring long and short sounds. 

Homework mission - Friday 25th September


We have all been planning out pet carriers in school this week. Today your child will be bringing home their designs. Please could you work on creating your pet carrier at home this week. If you have already completed your pet carrier perhaps you could evaluate it. Perhaps give you carrier two stars and a wish - write about two things which are brilliant about it (stars) and one thing you could improve on next time (wish)!


Please do not bring your pet carriers into school!

Have fun and be creative!

Stars of the week 25th September 2020

This week our stars of the week are Annalise and Coby. This week they have both worked so very hard in all they have done, especially in their reading. As always they are lovely friends to all around them. Their faces have lit up our classrooms and they have been delights to teach! 

Hillsong Kids Every Move I Make CHILDREN LOVE THIS VIDEO

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Week beginning 21st September 2020


This week we are really enjoying the story Mog and the V.E.T and have been really focusing on developing our reading! We have read sentences from the story and matched them to pictures. We have also created our own story mountains thinking about the structure of a story and will use these next week to write our own explosive stories full of adjectives. We have also been acting out the story in the outdoor classroom.

We have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's and have been grouping natural objects into sets. We have also been looking for patterns on hundred squares and have been spotting which numbers are in the 2/5/10 times tables. 

We have been exploring numbers to 10 and animal names in French and creating tally and bar charts of animal balls. 

Please remember not to send anything in with your child but their lunchboxes, coats, hats each day and book bags on a Friday only. All homework (including models) are to be emailed in to us. Huge thanks!


Our Welsh singing

Still image for this video

Count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s Activity for Kids

Being able to count in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s is an important maths skill for children - try out some of our other fun activities to help learn this skill: https...

Homework mission - 18th September


This weekend we would like you to look at some pictures of pet carriers online or even better in real life. Next week in school we will be planning our own pet carrier design and your homework will be to make one at home the following week. Have a think about what would make a good carrier, explore what you can reuse or recycle and measure your favourite animal toy (remember he/she needs to fit in it). This week please don’t be in a hurry to make your pet carrier, you will be taking your plan home on Friday! Your making mission will be set on Friday 25th September!


Also please could you try to log in and out of our two new websites numbots and readiwriter - see links below. Over the next few weeks in school the children will be encouraged to log in and out independently using the iPads. Log ins and passwords are at the front of your child's reading record, we know they are in school this weekend so we don't expect this to be done until Monday.


Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to hearing all about your design ideas next week!

Mia from class 6 and Sofia from class 5 are our dojo champions this week! Mia and Sofia are the most well mannered little girls and always try their very best in all they do! We are so lucky to have such wonderful little role models in year 2!

Gwaith da merched!

This week we have been learning to count in French, making an alphabetical list of animals, adding 10 to numbers, using the vet's surgery (role play), correcting sentences that have mistakes in them, making some fantastic models, thinking about Welsh words we know, designing the front page for our All Creatures Great And Small Topic book, practising writing the letter j and thinking about rules for our classroom. A very busy week.

What a super week we have had! This week we have been looking at ways we can keep our bodies and minds healthy. We have explored the heart and lungs and now know why they are important. We have also explored how our heart and lungs change when we do exercise. 

We have talked about our feelings both in English and Welsh and talked about ways we can deal with feelings such as sadness and anger. 

We have read so much this week and have also enjoyed writing our holiday news. In Maths we have explored numbers to 100 and really focused on forming our numbers the right way around. In music we have enjoyed exploring long and short sounds and look forward to using percussion instruments next week. 


We have started to put some of our work on the display boards in class, we have looked at Dojo points and been looking at the resources in our new classrooms. A very busy week!

              laughlaughlaughWe are Class 6 laughlaughlaugh

Class 5 star of the week - 11th September


This week Zachary is our star of the week! Zachary has bounced back into year two with such a cheery smile and has been a delight to have in class. He has been so well mannered and caring all week and has tried so hard in all he does. We have really enjoyed hearing all about Zachary's bike rides with his Daddy! 

Mrs Marten is super proud and I hope you are too Zachary!

Jesus You're My Superhero

Feel free to use this video in your children's ministry or whatever, but if you do, please leave a comment saying where you used it! Music rights go to Hills...

laughWelcome to Year 2. It has been a very unusual year so far and children have had a long time off school. We hope your child is really looking forward to being back and, although some things are a little different, we are sure children will soon adapt to the changes and will settle really well. Please keep looking at the class website for information, updates and news etc and each week we will post homework and photos of work done in class during the week. laugh
Hello, my name is Mrs Marten and I am so lucky to teach class 5 this year!
Hello, my name is Mrs Tariq and I am a Teaching Assistant in class 5 with Mrs Marten.
Hello, my name is Mrs Fewtrell and I am a Support Worker in class 5 with Mrs Marten. 
Hello, my name is Mr Williams and I am so lucky to teach class 6 this year!
Hello, my name is Mrs Jones and I am a Teaching Assistant in class 6 with Mr Williams