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This week we are thinking of remembrance day. Can you listen the the last post music below and try to find out the name of the instrument. What family does it belong to? Now draw a picture when listening the the music.

The Last Post for Remembrance | British Army

As we begin to gather our thoughts for Remembrance, take a moment to pause with us for The Last Post around the country in honour of those who gave their tod...

We are looking at flowers this week. Can you sketch a picture of the poppy below? Remember to take your time and add detail. 

Perhaps find a flower in your garden and carefully explore the features, perhaps use to scissors to cut it apart and some magnified glasses if you have any to explore the parts. 

We have started to explore division. Can you ask someone at home to give you a number? Now find that amount of an object, e.g pencils, pasta shells, counters and divide it between two people. Now try to divide the objects between three people. What do you notice? 

Was the number odd or even?