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Always Aiming High – Anelu’n Uchel O Hyd

Week beginning 7th December 2020



Watch a Christmas film or read a Christmas story and write a review (or video yourself giving your review) and e mail it to us. Tell us what happened, what you like, your favourite part, what you would change and how many stars you would give the film or book and whether you would recommend it to a friend. 
This week we have been exploring temperature and measuring using thermometers, predicting temperatures too! Can you fill 4 glasses of water in different places in your house, e.g in the fridge, freezer, by a radiator, outside. Wait 2-3 hours and take the temperatures of the water! What did you find?
We are making Christmas cards in school this week! Perhaps make one of your home for someone in your family! 

This week we are reading lots of stories about Christmas and we are making books for our children in reception. Can you create your own Christmas story and write it or make a book? 

We have also explored the Christian Christmas story about the birth of Jesus! Perhaps act out the story or create your own newspaper report reporting the exciting story!

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