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This week we have been thinking about our topic "All Creatures Great And Small." Class 6 went out in the rain to collect slugs, snails and insects. We brought them back into class to study. It was our Harvest Festival service. Ben (who used to be a teacher here and is now a church minister) prepared an assembly and delivered it on line. Thank you for all the donations of food. These will be collected next week for charity. We have also been thinking about health and wellbeing and we had "Yellow Day." We all wore something yellow to come to school and we talked about mental health. 

We have been thinking about how to care for animals in school. Can you look at these statements and talk about whether they belong in the do or don't columns below!

- keep animals in a car when shopping. 

-take dogs for a walk.

-feed animals once a month.

-give your pet lots of snuggles.

-let your animals drink chocolate milkshake. 

-take your pet to the vet regularly. 


Do Don't
This week we have been writing our own stories about an animal thinking about the story structure of Mog and the V.E.T. Can you write your own exciting animal story? Remember to focus on careful spellings and punctuation!
This week we have been exploring money. Can you look for coins and notes around your house. Can you order the coins from least - most value. Look for a receipt or at a supermarket website. Try to read the prices of items and think about what coins you could use to make that exact amount.