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This week we are looking at measure. Can you find 10 objects around the house and estimate (make a sensible guess) their length. We have been exploring cm and metres. Now try to order them from shortest to longest. Now measure them to find out their lengths!

In Welsh we have been recapping animal names and writing simple descriptive sentences describing animal sizes and colours using the sentence structure - 

Mae’r ____ yn ___ a ____, e.g Mae'r pysgod yn oren a bach. A fish is orange and small.


Can you use the word mat below to help you! Remember small is bach and big is mawr! You should have a good idea of your colours too!

Following on from our story mountain work retelling the beginning, middle and end of the story Mog and the V.E.T your challenge this week is to write the story using adjectives and interesting story starter and endings. Can you write the story in full sentences or perhaps even create your very own story book!