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This week we are exploring endangered and extinct animals. Can you watch the video below and make a list of 5 endangered animals and 5 extinct animals?

Endangered and Extinct Animals | Video for Kids | Rare Extinct Animals Video

Today we will learn about Endangered and Extinct Animals. For more videos go to: Thanks for watching

We are writing persuasive letters in school this week to Greenpeace explaining why we think it is important to save Whales. Can you listen to these stories below and talk about the importance of taking care of our World and animals. 

Perhaps you could write your own letter sharing your views and opinions. 

Storytime with Mrs Timms- Dear Greenpeace

By Simon James

My Friend Whale - Give Us A Story!

A beautiful and touching short story of one little boy's love for whales and the danger humans are putting them in. Save the Whales!!!

Can you research the lengths of 10 animals? Now order them from shortest to longest! Record your work using cm (centimetres) and m (metres).