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This week it is anti-bullying week and we are talking about what makes a really good friend. Watch the video below and talk about what bullying is. 


Now try to complete some of the activities below ...


1) Can you draw a picture of a bully and write about your bully. Can you give you bully a name, is it a boy, girl, man, woman? Where does your bully live? What does you bully do?


2) Can you make up a story about a bully - perhaps create your own playscript too or record your little play. 


We are also working on doubling and halving numbers - can you choose a 1 digit number and double it? Keep doubling your number up to 100! Now look at your numbers - are they odd/even? 

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is when someone hurts, harms or humiliates a person over and over again. A bully looks for ways to get power and control over another person to make...