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We have had a reply from Father Christmas (see below) but it is in Welsh! Can you try to read the letter and highlight any words you know and write what they mean? Now try to work out what the letter says! Remember you could use google translate to help you!
Can you try to solve the addition and subtraction problems below and find out the missing Christmas messages? Remember to click on the document link if you wish to print the pages out! (PARENTS - BE CAREFUL THE ANSWERS ARE ON PAGE 2)

We are exploring weight in school this week. If you are lucky enough to have some presents under the tree can you try to order them from lightest - heaviest? Now can you try to estimate (make a sensible guess) how much they weigh (using g and kg). If you can, try to weigh the presents! 

*If you do not have any presents under your tree (yet) then try this activity with your toys or food in the cupboard!