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This week we are doing lots of activities on Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. Read the story below about Guy Fawkes and the famous Gun Powder Plot. 


Task 1 - Read the story 'Sparks in the Sky', a lovely story all about Bo's adventures on Bonfire Night. Can you draw a picture of a bonfire night scene with lots of colorful fireworks and a big burning bonfire? You could do this on dark paper and use colourful chalks. Can you write some words to describe your picture e.g. boom, bang, colourful, sparkling, flash. 


Task 2 - This week in our Numeracy sessions we are looking at day and night and sorting activities into day time or night time. Can you split a piece of paper in half to make one half day time and the other half night time, then draw some daytime activities and night time activities? E.g. day time - wake up, eat breakfast, go to school. Night time - eat tea, have a bath, bedtime story, go to sleep. 

Extension - Can you put them into order starting with the morning activities and ending with night?


Task 3 - This week we are making stars for our twinkle twinkle display. Can you make a sparkling star at home either out of paper or you could make a salt dough model and paint it when it is dry. See below for some more ideas. 


Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot

Ideas for Star Craft activities