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This week in Literacy the children have been discussing what they would like to be when they are older. They have been finding out all about people who help us as well. Such as Firefighers, police men and women and vets. They have also been dressing up as doctors and nurses to look after the babies in our baby clinic too. 

The children have really enjoyed looking at Pumpkins this week. We have been looking at the different sizes, weight and counting them too. The children have also been producing some lovely Pumpkin art work which they will share with you as they are all very proud of what they have made. We have been printing and painting using a thin paintbrush and water colours, not to mention glitter!!

The children enjoyed smelling and feeling the Pumpkins and at the end of this week we cut them open to have a look and a feel inside too.

In Numeracy the children have been counting pumpkins. They have been doing this in their maths books and also around the classroom and even on the iPads too. The link for the game is below.

In this game the children can select counting to 5 or 10. They will need to count the sea creatures and then click on the correct answer. They have all done very well using their counting skills around the classroom this week.

The children have been moving to the story ‘The Enormous Turnip’  in P.E this week. They have used lots of great moves to plant and pull up the turnip. They have also been learning how to do star jumps and are also getting very god at their gymnastics shapes too.


Outside this week the children have been busy forming all the letters using chalk and paintbrushes with water. 


They have done a fantastic job and learnt so much this half term and it has been a pleasure to watch them settle in so well.  It was lovely speaking to you all at Parent’s Evening and I am sure you are as proud of them as me in how much they have progressed and settled in to Class 2.


I am so impressed with all the children this week as they are beginning to read, write and spell words using their phonic skills. They are so happy with themselves when they realise they can blend the sounds they know to make words. 

Half Term Homework


We would like the children to go on an Autumn walk ove rthe half term. We would like them to collect objects such as leaves, conkers, acorns and cones to share with the class when they return to school.  

Autumn Term 2

Our first week back begins on Tuesday 2nd November and our topic for this half term is Let’s Celebrate ! Autumn. The children will be understanding why we celebrate Bonfire Night. They will be creating some Firework dances, making some lovely Firework pictures, building bonfires and exploring all the wonderful things in Autumn too. They will also be looking at time and discussing the times of day they do certain  things and timing themselves on the iPads to do certain things around the classroom.


Our letter of the week will be ‘i’

Our number of the week will be 8






Please stay safe and enjoy your time together! 


See you soon for lots of Autumn fun!!   



Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard