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This week in Literacy the children have been listening to the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. With support they have been writing about their favourite part of the story and drawing their favourite character.

They have then been able to retell the story and act it out using puppets with their friends. They made some great animal voices. They also created a Little Red Hen using their hand prints for printing and decorated these with feathers.

In Numeracy the children have been ordering numbers to either 5 or 10. They have been doing this in their maths books and also around the classroom and even on the iPads too. The link for the game is below and the QR code. Enjoy !!

The children were given a number square and had to get up and stand in the correct place to order the numbers 0-5 and 0-10. Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard were very impressed😊

The children have been enjoying doing lots of scarecrow moves in P.E this week. They have used lots of lovely moves to scare away the crows in the fields. 

Outside this week the children have been busy forming the letter of the week ‘t’ using chalk and paintbrushes with water. They have done a fantastic job!

Next Week wb 18th October 


Wow! Can you believe it will be our last week already. The children have certainly settled in well. I look forward to seeing you all on Parent’s Evening.

Next week the children will be talking about what they would like to be when they are older, as an end to our topic ‘All About Me’. They will be exploring Pumpkins in lots of different ways especially in Numeracy. 
The number of the week will be ‘7’ 

The sounds will be a recap of ‘ m a s d t’ and the children will begin blending these sounds to read words. Such as dad, sad, sat, mat, mad, at and Sam. 

Have a lovely weekend ! 

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard