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We have had a great half term in year one. The children have had a different start to the year. They certainly had a strange time in reception too. However with all this in mind we still have a lot to be thankful for. For your homework this half term we would like you to complete a thankful hunt. Here are the things we would like you to find or do. 


  1. Find something that makes you happy.

  2. Find one thing you love to smell. 

  3. Find one thing you love to look at.

  4. Find something that is your favourite colour.

  5. Find something you are thankful for in nature.


You can record your findings by writing a list, drawing pictures or ask an adult to take pictures of what you have found. Have a lovely half term and enjoy it the best you can. 


Please note, your child has a reading book to read over the half term holidays. 


Thank you again for all your support this half term.

Dear class 3,

In the mist of last day half term excitement and the giving out of sweets, books and all things craft. I have forgotten to give you back your learning logs to record your homework. These will be returned to you on the first Monday back. However you can do your homework on paper and stick it into your books at a later date. Or if you prefer you can email me your findings.


My apologies, 


Miss Wade