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This week we have been focusing on the story of Taliesin and also revisiting our other Welsh tale Blodeuwedd. It has been a very fun, creative week!




This week we have been listening to the story of Taliesin. In the story a witch chases her servant boy after he spills her potion on himself. In the chase they both shape shift into different animals (a rabbit, a dog, a fish, an otter, a bird, a bird of prey and a chicken). This was many of the children’s favourite part of the story so this week they have enjoyed drawing the different animals. We have seen some amazing drawings from the children. The children have also enjoyed doing a Welsh word search with keywords based on our story. 

The children enjoyed revisiting Blodeuwedd and writing their own love potions. They had to think about what would go into a love potion and how the potion would be made. We had lots of great ideas!




This week we have been exploring doubling and halving. The children have had lots of fun doubling the ingredients to make a smoothie. Many of the children found the smoothie delicious! We have also had fun halving the ingredients for our ‘maths potion’. The children really worked hard on these activities. They also calculated doubles and wrote the number sentences in their books. 




We have been super creative once again in Topic. The children enjoyed picking an animal from the story and making it into a puppet. The children really took their time and have created some excellent puppets. Another part of the story which the children found interesting was when the witch put her baby out to sea. The children made a sea dance. They thought about how they could make themselves move like the waves and enjoyed dancing with ribbons. The children also had fun creating a sea using oil pastels and watered down paints. 


We have also been so lucky this week to be joined by an artist. The children enjoyed their sessions and loved making their masks.


In class the children have also enjoyed exploring an emotion from both the story of Blodeuwedd and Taliesin: love and despair. The children enjoyed their expressive arts afternoon where they picked one of the emotions, chose a medium that they liked and made a piece of art with it. We have been very impressed with the children’s creations!