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Yey! We made it to the end of term! We have worked extremely hard this term and have learnt so many thing about our topic 'In the Garden'. We knocked Mrs Jones' socks off with how much we have remembered including; parts of a plant and their functions, nocturnal animals and the Mabinogion. 


This week we have carried on with learning all about the stories from the Mabinogion. This week we have focused on the story of Blodeuwedd. The story of Blodeuwedd is quite a sad story about love and despair. In Literacy we described Blodeuwedd using lots of adjectives. We wrote lots and lots and really impressed Mrs Jones. Here is what we came up with: She has pink hair, she is made from flowers, she has fair skin, she has blushed cheeks, she wears a green dress and she is beautiful. We created our own flower bride out of flowers that we painted and coloured in bright beautiful colours. With the theme of love and despair we drew pictures of all the things that we love and the things that make us sad or what we don't particularly like. We had lots of lovely things that we love such as our family and friends, Eira, colours, chocolate and the sunshine. Some of the things that we didn't like were; not being kind, not sharing, onion, spiders, cockroaches and the rain. 


In Numeracy this week we have continued with 'Place value' but this week we have been looking at big numbers all the way up to 99! We can now recognise how many tens and ones are in a number! We love singing along to Jack Hartman counting in 10's up to 100! We are so good at it now! (link below). With Miss C this wee we have been busy making the animal masks that we designed last week. We then used them to dress up during our special 'Taliasin dance' (video below). 


This week we have started our 'Puppy Patrol' duties. If we are on puppy patrol it is our job to look after Eira, take her out for walks and play with her. We have done a fantastic job and have loved the responsibility! This will continue next term. 


Butterfly update: The butterflies have finally come out of their cocoons! They are so beautiful! We have been giving them fruit and flowers to feed off but we decided to release them into the wild so that they can be free and lay their own eggs. We loved watching them fly away but it was quite sad saying goodbye. 


Next Term:

Our new topic is 'Under the Sea'! 

Literacy - Talking about what we already know about 'Under the Sea' and what we would like to find out. 

Numeracy - Collecting data and putting it into a bar chart. 

Topic - This week it is Science week! The whole school will be carrying out an investigation to find out if the tallest person can jump the furthest. 


Well what a fantastic term we have had! The children have been pushed really hard as we are preparing them for going up to Year 1 and they have all done so well, you should all be very proud of them! They truly deserve a good break. We hope you have a lovely half term and hopefully lots of fun in the sun! 


Thank you again for your continued support!

Mrs Jones & Miss C xx

The children loved releasing the butterflies! We felt quite emotional saying goodbye to them 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

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We made our own animal masks fo wear in our special dance.

This week we have started with our ‘Puppy Patrolers’. It is their job to take her for a walk, look after her and play with her 🐶

We danced around the cauldron retelling the story of Taliasin!

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