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In our maths we have been counting groups of 10 and 5. The children have been grouping objects into 10s and then counting them up to 100. They have been out collecting natural objects and grouping them in 10s and counting how many they have altogether. They have been recapping their estimating skills by estimating how many objects are in bags and then checking them. 



In language we have been writing letters to the dinosaur that came to visit, we have been telling him about what we have been learning about and what we now know about dinosaurs. 

We have thought about where the address needs to go and how to start and end a letter. We have been unscrambling a mixed up letter and correcting some mistakes that were made. 

Last week we wrote similes in our shape poem so this week the children have been making their own similes to describe different things. 



In topic we have been learning about Wales and what dinosaurs were found in Wales. We have been labelling the map of the United Kingdom and finding out where Mary Anning was from and where dinosaurs were found in Wales. We have been drawing our own Welsh dinosaur and drawing what we think represents Wales inside of our dinosaur, this has been very fun and creative. 


Next week:

Next week is our last week learning about dinosaurs before we begin our ‘Spark in the Dark’ topic. We will be evaluating our topic and reflecting on what we have learnt and also what we would like to improve on next half term. We will be listening to Jurassic Park music and drawing how it makes us feel and what it makes us think about. 

We will be imagining what life would be like if the dinosaurs were still here, how would we live with them and what would they get upto? 

In maths we will be learning about tens and units, where place value is and what numbers look like when split into tens and units. This is such an important skill for the rest of maths so we are looking forward to exploring this. 


Thank you all for your continued support.