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In language we have been discussing what life would be like if dinosaurs were still around today. What would it be like if they had lived along side us all this time? What would it be like if we had one for a pet? And which one would it be? Finally what would happen if a dinosaurs just appeared? We have also practised welsh this week in guided reading. 




In math this week we have been looking at tens and ones. we have used different tools to show the different amounts such as numicon and dienes. the Children have been asked to correctly place them into the correct column value. We have also been focussing on number formations making sure to check our numbers have been correctly placed the right way.  




In topic this week we have been learning all about archeologists (carrying on our work of Mary Anning from last week). the children have had the chance to dust for dinosaur bones in dirt trays and then remake the skeleton of the dinosaur. They have also worked out from clues given which dinosaur has been described and finally they have had the chance to design there own dinosaur egg.