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What a fantastic wee we have had! This week has been a special focus week where the whole school has been learning about ‘The Mabinogion’. The Mabinogion is a special book in Wales that is made up of 11 tales. The stories are that old no one actually knows who made them up but they have been dated back to the early 1300s, wow that’s old! This week we have learnt all about the tale of ‘Taliasin’ and how he become a famous story teller. We learnt that the Mabinogion stories have real people and places in them but the magic, mystery and wonder is all made up. The story of Taliasin has lots of magic and even transformations of people into animals! Can you remember the story to tell your grown ups? 

In Literacy we have been writing riddles! Riddles are clues that describe an item and you have to guess what it is they are describing. We chose an animal from the story of Taliasin to write our riddles about. Mrs Jones was super impressed with our writing skills! We have also learnt about kings and queens and how they had a special family shield so that they knew which family they belonged to. With Miss C we created our own shields about our family, friends and all of our favourite things. In our PE sessions we have made our own dance to tell the story of Taliasin. We created moves for each animal and out it to a piece of music. We had lots of fun! 

In Numeracy this week we have been learning all about place value and that every number has its own value. We have been looking at tens and ones and working with big numbers splitting them into tens and ones e.g. 25 is 20 and 5. We have played games matching numbers to their value and made them out of cubes. With Miss C we have planned a mask that we would like to make next week of one of the animals out of the Taliasin story. We can’t wait to make them! We have also been practising counting all the way to 100 in tens! We love the Jack Hartman song that works out whilst we are counting! 

This week we have completed our final entries to our bean diaries! We can’t believe how big some of our plants have grown, we think it’s because of Miss C’s green fingers! We now have the responsibility to take care of our plants at home. We have also got a sunflower each to bring home which we planted last week and have started to germinate! We need to put our plants somewhere that gets plenty of light and we need to water them regularly. Mrs Jones can’t wait to see pictures of us caring for our plants at home. 

Butterfly update - They are still in their cocoons but we think when we come back on Monday we might have some butterflies 🦋🤞.


Next week:

Literacy - We are learning about another Mabinogion story of ‘Blodeuwedd’ the flower bride.

Numeracy - Carrying on with ‘place value’ and splitting numbers into tens and ones.

Topic - Making our animals masks that we planned this week. 

A big well done to the children for all of their hard work this week! We hope you all have a lovely weekend! One more week to go! 

Mrs Jones & Miss C xx

We have made friendship bracelets to spread some kindness 😍

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