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This week we have been focusing on the story ‘Blodeuwedd’. It has been a lovely creative week!




This week we have been listening to the story Blodeuwedd. In the story there is a spell to make the son wise and inspiring. We used this to think about what we would like to put in a spell to make a great friend. This has been lovely to think about what qualities our friends have in school. We thought about what we need to do to be a good friend too. The children have come up with the most lovely ingredients to make a great friend.

We have been acting out the story using vales and flowers. The story has some parts that the children found quite funny and interesting. This was lovely to see them getting into character and really enjoying the story. 

As a challenge the children have been sketching leaves ready for our artist to use next week. We will make leaf prints out of these. 




This week we have been doing word problems. We have been thinking about how to break them down into small steps. Picking out the numbers and thinking about what number sentence we need. The children have blown us away with how well they have done these. They have been working so hard to work out the answers! These have all been based around the story Blodeuwedd and the problems that occurred during the story. 

They have been challenging themselves by making potions. They have been making hot or cold potions. Thinking about what kind of things are these temperatures. 




Topic has been super creative. We have been making music to accompany the story. They have been using lots of instruments to make this. They have been making Blodeuwedd out of flowers. These look amazing! They have also been using Chatterpix to have a go at saying what they think each character is thinking throughout the story.