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Your mission this week, if you choose to accept, is to use your halving skills to work out the halves below. We have done this in school using dinosaurs to show that we share the total amount between two sides and both sides need to be equal. Writing this can be a lot trickier than showing halves in a practical way. So if your child is struggling to show halves using a number sentence then please feel free to use just a practical way of showing it- for example using 10 Lego blocks and sharing them between two plates to show the halve. 


Here are your number sentences. 


10  ÷  2  =  


6  ÷  2  =  


12  ÷  2  =  


8 ÷  2  =  


14 ÷  2  =  


4  ÷  2  =  


Diolch again for all your support this year. We are really enjoying seeing your homeworks!


Please be aware that we are reading with your child in school at least three times a week - even though we are not able to write in their reading log, we are keeping a note of progression.