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What another great week! This week we have been reading rhyming stories and our favourite ‘The Wonk Donkey’. In Literacy we have been identifying rhyming words. We learned that rhyming words end with the same sound so we became sound detectives and did a great job finding lots of words that rhyme and even had a go at writing the down. With Miss C we made our very own wonky donkey booklets. We couldn’t believe how many words rhyme with donkey 😆. We have also been learning a new set of tricky words; me, be, all, was, are and they. We love singing along to the tricky words songs. Search YouTube for the tricky words songs, they are very catchy! 

Our special skill in Numeracy this week was ‘subtraction’. First we used pens and blocks to see what happens when we take an amount away and we realised that there was less. Once we had practised practically taking away items some of us had a go at subtracting by using a number line. We quickly got the hang of this as we remembered to count backwards. With Miss C we had so much fun with the Pom Pom eating tennis balls, this helped to show us how things can be taken away. We realised that everyone has their own preferred method to help them work out the subtractions. Some of us like using objects to physically take away, some of us like using number lines and some of us just prefer to work it out in our heads but either way we are all super at subtracting! 

Next week:

Literacy - The Easter story and lots of crafts. 
Numeracy - recapping addition and subtraction 


Please remember to bring in your hard boiled egg ready to decorate! 

We hope you have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Price & Miss C 

Finding rhyming words - we loved making our own wonky donkey booklets