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WOW! What a fantastic week! We have met the feeling monsters this week who have helped us to talk about our feelings and how to help others. Look at the photos below, can you guess what we are feeling? The children have been spreading their happiness to all of their friends. They made some beautiful monster craft with Miss C to create our own feelings display. We also learned the 'Mr Hapus' song to help us describe our feelings in Welsh. Can you remember the song?


Our special skill this week in Numeracy was naming and describing 2D shapes. We looked at how many sides each shape has and if they had any corners. We played the game 'Guess the Shape' which the children all loved. See if they can explain it to you (Mrs Price hides a shape and they have to ask questions to figure it out). We even had a little jingle which we sing all day long...Guess the shape, guess the shape, guess the shape,  GUESS THE SHAPE! We also went on a shape hunt around the school, we were great shape detectives and found so many! Can you find any shapes around the house? We also enjoyed playing the 'Topmarks shape train' interactive game (see link below). Can you play it at home? 


Next Week:

Literacy - Letter of the week 'd'. We will be talking about being healthy and what food we like and dislike. 

Numeracy - Number of the Week '5'. Collecting data and using tally charts.

Topic - Harvest!! 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Mrs Price & Miss C

Can you guess what feeling we are showing?