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This week in Literacy we have been looking at heroes and villains. We looked at the qualities of heroes and decided that heroes are kind, helpful, brave, strong, and caring. We decided that villains are evil, cruel, unkind, sneaky, and wicked. We read the Michael Recycle story and identified who was the hero in the story and who was the villain. We identified that Michael Recycle was the hero because he saves the planet. We also found out that the people who live in the town are the villains because they dropped all the litter and harmed the planet. We also discussed how important it is to not drop litter and recycle. We came up with lots of great reasons such as, to save our planet, to keep the animals safe, to keep our planet clean and tidy. 




This week in maths we opened the Year 1 shop. Children had to buy items from the shop using the correct amount of change. The children were amazing at counting the right amount of change and enjoyed roleplaying in the shop area. Children also ordered the items available in the shop to the cheapest to the most expensive. 




In topic this week we created our very own superhero art. We looked at a piece of art we wanted to recreate and decided we needed a variety of different equipment to replicate the art. We decided that we needed to use: different colour paints, our hands, paint brushes, card, and cotton wool. The children had lots of fun making this superhero art and they look amazing! This week in topic we also continued to look at real life heroes and the different jobs they had. We then wrote about what we wanted to be when we were older and why. We have lots of future teachers, vets, policemen and zoo keepers in Year 1! smiley



In forest school this week we did a nature hunt. In groups of 3 the children were given a checklist of a variety of animals and objects found in nature. The children went around our forest school area to find the different items on the list. Once an item was found, children took a picture of it on their iPad. We had lots of fun doing this and the children found lots of amazing things!