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This week in language we have been improving our diary entries from last week and writing them neatly. We have looked back at our work and checked spellings and punctuation. We have done this to send our entries into a diary writing competition. 

We have read the book Doris the Loris and written a diary entry as if we were Doris. Doris is a Loris that tells stories to her friends and goes on a journey to find a way that her friends can hear her stories anytime. She then finds a way to write her stories on leaves and makes a library for her friends. 




In math this week we have been sorting animals using different criteria. We have sorted them into farm animals and safari animals, what animals eat and where the animals live. The children also choose their own ways of sorting the animals. 

We also sorted different objects using different criteria. 




This week we have been finding out about different jungle animals. We have been finding out different facts and making fact files. We have also been learning about endangered animals and why they become endangered. We have also learnt about ways we can help. We have then made posters to help inform people about endangered animals.


This week your child has also enjoyed meeting their new teacher! They have enjoyed small socially distanced sessions/stories and games with them.