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Wow, another super busy week! We have so much to tell you! This week we have read the story of the ‘Owl Babies’ and shown Mrs Jones how clever we are by answering lots of questions about the story. In Literacy we have been learning all about nocturnal animals and how they sleep in the day and come awake at night. We couldn’t believe how many different animals are nocturnal, including the owls in our story. We were super clever and helped Miss C to solve the riddles for the nocturnal animals, can you solve this one; I like to sleep upside down, I have big wings, I like to come out at night..... what am I? 

In Numeracy this week we have blown Mrs Jones away with our counting! We have been counting all the way to 100 (video link below). We have been solving number problems by finding the missing numbers in a number line. We had to work out if the numbers were getting bigger or smaller to help. Can you solve this one; 8   10 11     13   15

This week we have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gough and looking at his beautiful paintings. We particularly liked his ‘Sunflower’ painting and collaborated as a group to make our own version. We were able to choose how to colour our sunflowers using either water colours, oil pastels or felt tip pens. We even had a go at painting Van Gough himself using the water colours just like he did. We learnt that Van Gough painted sunflowers because they were his favourite colour was yellow as it made him feel happy. We talked about all the things that are yellow and how they make us feel happy too 😊. 

We have been keeping check on our beans and writing down our weekly observations. Because they have grown so much we had to plant them in pots to enable them to keep growing. Mrs Jones’ bean in the dark is still growing but it is quite weak, we think it might need sunlight to make it strong again. 
Our caterpillars have finally turned into cocoons! It has been fascinating to watch the transformation. We can’t wait to see what they are like next Monday.
We keep getting new members to Class 1 and this week we have welcomed 34 stick insects into our growing family! Thank you to Olly’s Mummy for kindly donating them to us 😉. The children have enjoyed taking on the responsibility of looking after them and making sure they are being sprayed with water every day.


Next week:

Over the next two weeks the whole school will be taking part in a Language, Literacy and Communication Focus fortnight. We are focusing on the ‘Mabinogion’ stories and traditional Welsh tales. 
Literacy - Leanring about the Welsh tale of ‘Gwion and Ceridwen’ and making our own a animal riddles.

Numeracy - Practising the skill of partitioning numbers into tens and units

Topic - The Mabinogion stories 


A huge well done to the children for all of the wonderful work they have completed this week! We hope you have a fantastic weekend! 

Mrs Jones and Miss C  


We painted in the style of Van Gough and his famous ‘Sunflower’ artwork.

Our caterpillars have finally turned into cocoons! We are so excited to see them when they burst out as beautiful butterfly’s 🐛🦋