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This week in Literacy we have been using our listening and speaking skills to talk about our families. The children have shared their photos of their families and have enthusiastically talked about them. They have then been able to draw a picture of their families and with support have been able to write the names of their family members too.

The children have been looking at the letter ‘a’ this week and have been forming it in lots of fun ways using our mark making skills. 


In Numeracy this week we have been looking at patterns. The children have been repeating patterns using two and three colours as well as creating their own patterns too. They have used pegs and beads to produce some lovely patterns and have tried hard to repeat the pattern. They have also been drawing the correct amount of apples in the basket.


The children performed the song ‘One More Step Along the World I Go’ in our outdoor theatre and enjoyed listening to how their voices echoed. They have also had their first class assembly which we do remotely.





This week in Class 2 our assembly has been on ‘The space race’ we have been talking about how the astronauts never gave up when they wanted to visit the moon for the every first time. They spent a lot of time learning new things especially  how to design, build and even fly a rocket.


They never gave up even if sometimes they failed they got to the moon in the end. Our art work this week and our motto in class has been ‘ Reach for the Moon’.


We hope you like our Art work below and our singing which is on Ewloe Green TV. We sang this song to thank God for making us strong, making us believe in ourselves and helping us to never give up.


Every Little Step counts when you want to reach for the moon!!! Enjoy our special message.


Still image for this video

God Loves You and Me

Still image for this video
As you can see we love singing in Class 2 ! It’s lovely to see them all so happy !

Next Week wb 27th September 


Next week the children will be looking at emotions and how they feel. They will be working closely with  the 'Mood Monsters' and creating their own Mood Monsters using a collage technique. 


In Numeracy next week we will be exploring 2D shapes by creating shape pictures and playing lots of shape games too.


Our number of the week is 4

Our letter of the week is. ‘S’

Our word of the week is 'me'

Have a lovely weekend !

Mrs Bentley and Mrs Pritchard 😊