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This week we have been busy learning more about dinosaurs. We have been learning about what they eat and the difference between a carnivore, herbivore and we have had a discussion about omnivores. The children have really enjoyed sorting dinosaurs into the different categories and investigating the differences between them. 



In maths we have been doing the opposite of last week and halving, this is a much trickier skill to learn so they have worked really hard on halving numbers and shapes. They have halved the amount of dinosaurs and written the number sentences including the divide sign. 

They have been halving shapes and shading in the halves of each one. As a challenge they have been practising their doubling from last week and have enjoyed playing some doubling games.



In language we have been making ‘Missing’ posters to help Harry find his dinosaurs that he lost on the train. The children have been investigating what makes a good poster and how we make sure ours will be useful. 

We have been ordering the story and thinking about what happened in the beginning, middle and end of the story.

The children have really enjoyed using ‘Chatterpix’ to act like Harry when he lost the dinosaurs, they thought about how he might have felt when he lost the dinosaurs. 


Next week:

Next week we are making shape poems about dinosaurs, using what we know about adjectives to help us. 

We are going to be learning about Mary Anning and what she did and found, they will be making fact files about who she was. 

In maths we are going to be learning how to estimate, make sensible estimates and how to check our answers.