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This week in literacy we have looked at the Monkey Puzzle story by Julia Donaldson. We read the story and thought about all the different characters in the story. We thought about what the characters would say and how they would move. We then picked a character from the story and role-played the story with our friends using role-play masks. We also wrote a book review for Monkey Puzzle, we gave it a rating out of 5 stars and wrote about our favourite part of the story. This week we also wrote an 'all about me' page for our new teacher in September. We told our new teacher what we like about ourselves, what is important to us, and how you can help us next year.




This week in numeracy we continued looking at 3D shapes. This week we looked at faces and edges of 3D shapes. We learnt that a face is a flat surface on a shape and that an edge is are the lines inbetween the faces. We wrote down the faces for different 3D shapes and we were brilliant at this. Next week we are beginning to look at symmetry




This week we have looked at mammals that live in the Arctic. We learnt lots of facts about Polar Bears, such as that Polar Bears have black skin and that their fur is clear! We looked at how Polar Bears are adapted to live in the Arctic, such as their big paws to swim and their amazing sense of smell to hunt for food.


We also had a special visitor this week, Mr Aitken came in to tell us all about his amazing job of a Marine Biologist and a Vet. Mr Aitken showed us some brilliant pictures from his job and taught us some very interesting facts about animals. We asked some really good questions too! Thank you very much Mr Aitken! smiley