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Hello all this week we have been looking at time in maths especially o'clock we have found out that if the big hand points to the 12, it means that it is o'clock. We then have a look at where the little hand is pointing if it is the four this would be four o'clock. along with this we have also been counting backwards by rolling a dice adding up the two numbers they land on and then counting backwards for there to 0.  



In literacy this week we have looked at the story of Snow White, focusing on ‘Mirror Mirror On the Wall…’. We used ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ to help us create our own magical spells! To help us with our spells we looked at rhyming words and thought of lots of words that rhyme with ‘wall’. We also made some amazing mirror craft this week, making our own mirrors and drawing ourselves in them, they looked so amazing that we have put them on display. We have also wrote about what we like about ourselves. We thought of lots of amazing qualities such as being kind, funny, and caring.



In topic this week we have been looking at Chinese new year. We have found out that it is the year of the tiger. We have also found out that all of the children were born in either the year of the goat or the year of the monkey. With this, children have created their own tiger craft spoon and wrote about how people in China celebrate Chinese New Year.