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This week in literacy we have been looking at space! We have been looking at all the planets. Looking at what it is like on each planet, and what order the planets are in. We learnt a mnemonic to help us remember the order. The children also had lots of fun playing the 'what planet am I' quiz. We then looked at astronauts: what special skills they need, where they live in space, what they wear, what they eat, and how they sleep in space! The children then wrote their own astronaut application, giving reasons for why they would be a good astronaut. The children also had lots of fun with making moons!




This week we took our maths lessons outdoors, with some environmental maths! This week we looked at addition. The children went outside and made addition equations using a variety of outdoor materials such as leaves and twigs. The children were able to add objects up to 10! We also revised our one more and one less, finding rockets around the yard and writing down one more and one less of the number on the rocket. We also took this further and looked and two more and two less. The children really enjoyed their environmental maths this week and worked very hard smiley.




In topic this week we also looked at space. We explored a question the children asked us at the beginning of our Space and Light topic - how does the moon glow? The children discovered how the moon glows by using a globe, torch, and tennis ball. We found out that the moon does not glow by itself, but it reflects the light from the sun. The children drew some brilliant diagrams to show this in their books. The children also wrote down 10 things they would take to space if they were an astronaut! 


We also carried out our shadow experiment this week using the puppets we made last week. The children had lots of fun with this and discovered that the closer you move the puppet to the light, the bigger the shadow gets! 


In class 3 this week we made an assembly about the Wright Brothers and what they taught us. The children worked very hard on this and it is available to watch on Ewloe Green TV smiley.